Battlefield 2

Only a year behind everyone else, but I bought a copy of BF2 yesterday(no expansion packs).

First, does anybody else still play and is there an OG clan or something?

Second, I haven't played any online FPS before(except a bit of Planetside). Any tips or anything?

much appreciated


Seriously, the game is brutal and most players are deep into the learning curve already, so you'll be spending LOTS of time staring at the "waiting to respawn" message. The game still totally rules, though.

Get on xfire Tony. That way you can join in games with others that you know.

I'm govnor1, invite me as a friend.

A few of us still play. It's a fun game. You're going to have a bit of a learning curb though of course.

In my experience of FPS, there is no better advantage than knowing the maps well. This of course takes time, but luckily with BF2 you can join in squads and follow people around.

Always join a squad if you can, it will help you progress faster in a number of ways.

I'm sure others can give other tips.

Are you US or UK based?? ( I may have asked you that before...?)


thanks for the advice guys. Been playing mainly Eve Online recently, so any game with fast paced action is going to be fun, even if I get constantly raped.

What is the easiest class to learn as?'ll have to stay up late to "roll" with the OG Big guns then!!

I'm really not too sure what would be the easiest, maybe best to just start with assault as that will give you the best chance when you get up close one on one with peeps.

MuaySteve on xfire.

jiujitsuthug on xfire - took a couple weeks off but came back ROCKING.

I only play SF maps now though :)

Furacao - have you tried the new map?? I like it a lot, plays a lot like an SF map actually.

Which new map? Did it come with the new patch 1.4?

Just DL'd path this weekend and only ran SF - might have to give the regular vesion a new spin :)

yep regular!

Sweet - thanks for the tip. If my girl goes to the gym tonight 6:00pm PST - I will be ON :)

I may be around.....purely depends on when Mrs Gov gets home from her classes and if she'll look after the litte one.

Crikey that was difficult. Some deserty map as a United States Marine (medic mostly). Healed about 2 people, and revived a few more. Got shot a few times. Ended up like Mr Kenny from Robocop.

They shoot from everywhere. Why cant they fight like gentlemen and stand infront of you?

Great fun though

BTW I'm the 801310st best BF2 player on planet Earth already!!!!

Out of 801311.

No Steve, out of 801310.

I forgot to mention, I played BF2 for a short time recently on a 42inch was FUCKING AMAZING!

Govnor and I rocked it OG style last night on the new map - good times. Tough map because of it's size and I was trying to get my bearings on all the locations.

Good times though, Govnor made for a good wingman!

That was the 64 player map you know? The map isn't that big when you take that into account.

The small version of the map only has the top 4 spawn points and makes for some great action.

Was good to get in a long round in, OG style.