Battlefield 2

Definitely need to get on smaller version for Close Quarter combat - I will most likely be on again tmw night at same time.

I may join you again.

Son of a bitch, I missed the action. What time were you guys on at?

From 6-7pm PST - definitely going to try and play again on Thurs. Have to link up with mics this time though.

mics are always better, not least because you guys get to laugh at my squeeky english voice.

So how's it going BT??

didnt have a go last night. Was watching a programme about corrupt football managers and agents.

Had most fun with the medic class. Didnt manage to get in a squad that were coordinated. Was with some idiots who just ran off on their own in the wrong direction. Good fun tho

Good Old A'rry!!!

Get yo self on xfire, seriously.