Battlefield Bad company 2 Vietnam review!

The xpac got better reviews than the game and it apparently is awesome!! wow

who has this game and for what ....i know some of you do for the PS3 and the Xbox!! any PC players??

im problaby getting it for PS3 since i already have the game for it and a bunch of people on my friends list are still playing it to this day!

Its an expansion for bad company 2 like the title says. I can't wait to play this looks sick

and according to the reviews is a 9.5 -10 game and its way better than the original

Hopefully they fixed the lag and the useless knife. I mean for the xbox version I doubt the computer version has any of those problems.

Knife is still in the game the lag was an issue for me sometimes but I didnt find it to be all that bad on the 360.

What's the release date? I'm looking forward to this!

^ Tuesday

 If you pre-ordered it on Steam you get to play it 3 days early. So I'll be playing some on Saturday! Fuck yes!

Fuuuuuuuu.... I traded my BC2 in a while back.

cant wait. I've been playing Map Pack 7 the last few nights

I really am enjoying the new map pack

I'm going to download today and I'm looking forward to it! I miss this game!


i play this game nightly, an expansion will only further my addiction.

 where is everyone playing it ???

Pc ?? 360 or Ps3?

360 when its out next wk. Can't wait to try out the flamethrower

wow that looks fucking pimp

do i dare put away cod?

Battlefield is superior to cod in every single way. Every battle feels epic. Bc2 is tits. Phone Post

Is it only the PC that gets vietnam expansion early

So if you have the original ps3 BC2 is this an upgrade to it that you download ? or is this like going and buying the game again?

I have BC2 for ps3 but I've never bought an xpac for a ps3 game so I'm not sure if owning the original game makes any difference.