Battlefield/MOHAA/Call of Duty ?

Which of these 3 war games is the best and why?

well for single player it is Call of Duty....very intense and fun...

Battlefield is a crappy single player game but excellent multiplayer game.....

Medal of Honor is fun but Call of Duty is better....better it all depends if you want good single player or good the way, Call of Duty has decent multiplayer too

See, I got Battlefield the other day and multiplayer seems fun, but ... it seems really choppy when I play. My computer is 2.6 ghz, 512 RAM, GeForce 4, etc. Its a good computer, but Battlefield doesn't seem to like it.

I prefer CoD for multiplayer but BF is definitely fun.

I always played desert combat instead of regular BF multiplayer.


I've been playing battle field for a while now. I also have a 2.6 but with a Ati 9600. I just doubled my ram from 512 to 1gig and all the choppiness went away. Lowering the audio settings will help as well if you are using built in sound.

what is the latest call of duty? which one are u playing as there is a call of duty on suprnova, might d.l it

call of duty is the newest one...came out about a 10 months ago