Battlefield Vietnam

bought it last night....very fun game....even though I was tired of 1942, Vietnam felt like a whole new and sound are can turn on the radio in all the veichles as you drive's cool flying toward a NVA village with Ride of the Valkries blaring.....maps are very well done as well...definatly worth the buy if you liked 1942 or any other multiplayer FPS....

You have any problems with Graphics, load time etc.. I had to update my Nvidia drivers immediately due to some problems. It also take a freakin year to load a level. RUnning 512 Ram

what are your other specs?

How out of date were your video drivers?

I had the Nvidia drivers from last November. GOt the lates off of their website.

Im running a Dell 8200 1.9 Ghz 512 RDRAM
Nvidia 128MB 4600Ti graphics card
SB Audigy 2 zx or whatever

Also couldnt get any of the EAX settings to work on the game.

I think there are a lot of glitches, but game is good overall other than being damn impatient about load time.

O, I have one 40 gig and one 80 gig HDD, Both 7200 RPM

Fucking EA sucks. I will never support them again. They've partnered up with nvidia and disabled antialiasing(ONLY ON ATI) in this game. assholes.

NEVER AGAIN will I support them.

Kahrman, you might need another stick of ram. We had a discussion about how much ram is required a few months ago and people didn't believe me when I said that 1 gig will be required for upcoming games. Well, this one needs it and so will Farcry. I bet halflife2 and doom3 will run smoother with more ram as well.

Damn, guess ill be on ebay here looking for 2 sticks of 512

I have a 9800 pro that I've been running with the cat 3.7's. Had to upgrade to the 4.3's last night to get 'er going.

Lots of fun! I just LOVE hearing a vehicle coming around a corner or from wherever with the music blaring and it steadily getting louder and louder... soo cool!

I'm starting to get pissed at the fact that the game boxes say they only require one thing, but then when you install it it fuckin takes 4 hours to load a level and your specs are much better than those min requirements. I have had to knock down graphics, can't get sound to work in EAX just to get this damn game running smooth.

i got a nvidia gforce3 and I had to update my drivers from disc 1...after that no probs....load times are longer than 1942....about the saem length as dessert combat loading....i run 768 megs ram.....512 mb is not enough....i remember a lot of my games ran shitty on my system (p4 1.7) then i read somewhere that once you go over 512 you will notice a big difference.....but the game runs fine....very addictive

Not really sure if I could go over 512 since I only have 2 slots. Now this is going to require me getting 2 512 sticks. What a pain in the ass this whole thing is! FUUUUUUUUUUKKKKK

Shit, I only have 512...

What resolution are you guys running it at?

Im running it at 800x600x32 which is fuckin sad considering I run UT2003/4(demo) at 1152x864. I do have all the quality levels set to high but it is ridiculous to still be pulling only a so so framerate.

I have an AMD 2800+ with 1GB of Corsair XMS DDR RAM and a GeForce FX5600.

Load times arent obscene for me, about 20 seconds but it is nuts to be running this game at that low resolution. Do I need to rollback my drivers?

The gameplay is pretty solid though. I only wish there were more areas in maps to just have a fuckin slaughterhouse battle like in 1942. Things tend to get pretty spread out in this one (Yeah I know thats how the war was, but still).

The loadtimes shouldn't be too bad with 1 gig of ram. Maddog, try disabling shadows, that usually gives a good boost in performance.

i run at 1124 x 768 on medium detail...high ran pretty good except in the city levels.....

I've got this bad mamba jamba cranked up to full everything. 'Tis saaaweeet!

128mb 9800 pro


1 gig corsair LL

"128mb 9800 pro "

I fuckin hate you.

"xp1800/ti4200 64mb/512mb pc 2100 "

I've been lookin around and it seems that people with 3200+ and Radeon 9800 pro cards are having trouble running this. This game needs a patch.

Maddog, turn off aa because EA has disabled it for ati cards because they're assholes.

Yup, I guess since the NVIDIA cards suck big cock, they've decided to ruin it for the rest of us =(

'"128mb 9800 pro "
I fuckin hate you."'

Hey, hey, hey, HEY now!