Battlegrounds is Back!!!

Greetings, After a bit of silence Battlegrounds is Back in the NJ area for Muay Thai action! I apologize but I was having some personal health problems and I am also expecting my first child in March! So Mid April is when we intend to have our fighting championships again. Any interested fighters and coaches please contact me at See you at the ring!

Ace Ramirez

Ace, do you have any plans at all to pay Paul Rosner of the USKBA the registration fees you owe him for using the rexplex location in November? Or did you expect everyone else to pay for your tournament and for you to just walk off with the receipts?

Since the USKBA isn't going to sanction any of your events anymore, does that mean you are doing them with NO INSURANCE?

Just curious....

Umm, Hi David. Actually it IS going to be a USKBA event. Not sure why the attack on me? So yes there is insurance and everything has been fine with Paul. You can email any concerns to me personally at
Have a nice day everyone!

"attack" you? you mean by stating a fact, that you didn't pay Paul your share of the revenue from last November? A lot of people busted their butts making that event happening, even helping out your side of the event, and yet mysteriously at the end of the day you were no where to be found and your receipts didn't seem to get to Paul...

whatever, I guess you are too busy building your "empire" but some of us know what happened at Rexplex...

Sounds like jealousy to me...


Lets keep this civil. There is obviously more going on behind the scenes than everyone is privvy to.


Look, I don't know about anything that occurred behind the scenes regarding the November event, but there does seem to be some sort of misunderstanding, to say the least.

It *seems* that what you know of the situation does not jive with what Ace knows of the situation. Rather than discuss or argue this out here in public, why don't you guys discuss this over email or over the phone so that you can both be sure you are up to date on what is *really* happening.

Sorry for my jumping in like this, but I *really* don't want to see another pointless flame war. I've attended events put on by both of you and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have every intention of continuing to attend AND participate in each of your events. I just think that everyone would be better served if this were resolved in private.

Kob Khun Krab! (Thank You!)

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Official Response From USKBA...

Any Official comments about USKBA business will come from the USKBA. While we appreciate message boards and everyone's rights to express their opinions, these opinions should not be contrued as 'Official USKBA stances'. Not one person is privy to every aspect of any individual circumstance. Opinions are based on what individuals believe to be true. While it is not USKBA Policy to respond to opinions, when someone connected with the USKBA uses our name to state what our policy is and assume they are talking for us, we must step in and set the record straight. That being said...

1. At this time, there are no promoters that are banned from sanctioning with the USKBA.

2. Any money matters concerning the USKBA would never be discussed on any message boards.

3. No individual tournament was responsible for another tournament at our 2003 Tournaments in NJ. The USKBA was responsible for all the tournaments.

4. USKBA Sanctioned events are posted on our website at, in our Calendar of Events section.

We have respect for all promoters in our sports. It is not easy to arrange any event. Everyone who has been involved with events understands there are always behind-the-scene happenings that have one pulling the hair out of their heads. But we all take care of it so the public that comes to see our events can be part of an action packed enjoyable show and come back the next time we run an event. We feel that instead of knocking down anyone, or any event, or any of our action sports, one should actively concentrate on the positive aspects. We have great aspects to our action sports that unfortunately become lost in all the negative comments. If all the energy that goes into negativity is channeled toward promoting our sports, more people would be involved and our sports will grow. But, that's just our opinion.

Should anyone have have questions regarding USKBA Sanctioned events, e-mails can be addressed to:

USKBA Response...

Thanks for the good words from Kuhn Kao.

Please understand that the reason for the controversy on this matter is that the interests of the USKBA was trying to be protected. We appreciate that. However, this should be a non-issue now. Sometimes, it's not what one says, but the way they say it. The intent was appreciated, the manner of communication could have been better. We have many tremendous events planned for 2004. We should try to be constructive, not destructive. Thank you all for understanding.

Not a problem. I'm always happy to help. I have intentions to compete, bring competitors, and hopefully one day actually work with/for the USKBA.

I think its admirable that there are those who are sticking up for their organization, especially when they think that someone has taken advantage of it, but I agree that these are matters best worked out behind the scenes rather than over a public discussion forum.

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Those involved know what the past and present are, it doesn't concern others, it is what it is....To those who cry "jealous", what do I have to be "jealous" of? KSD 2003 had 55 competitorsShowdown 6 was a sold out show with great matches2004 Worlds look to be the biggest event in US San Da history...Showdown 7 coming in


Don't feed the trolls.


Brooks (Khun Kao)

ps- my fighter, Jeff, is gonna be out of commission for some time (knee surgery) and my fighter Len has had work take a huge bite out of his training time, but I just wanted to let you know that I still intend to field a fight team for next September (and perhaps earlier)

OK Ace where is the link and the info?.....
also I believe you have some unreturned phone messages.

Kao Loy

the website used to be

I haven't checked yet to see if it is updated with the info regarding the coming event, though...

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Hi Ace,
Are all the matches going to be Muay Thai?I contaced you about a year ago though did not have cornerman to go with me on the date of your matches.I fight full contact kickboxing and grappling.If you have any cruiserweights who want to match up,I would like to fight this time around.


Will there be any pro fights?

Is it definitely set for April 10th?