I've tried looking for advice on what to do on the official PvP forums, but have only found out that Horde suck at AV, that every class is nerfed, and that every class is over powered.

So, in general, as a Pries what do I do in BG? Every time I stop moving, someone cripples then kills me. If I keep moving, I only have 3 abilities, none of which I know how to use well enough to make a shit of a difference.

Protecting the flag carrier in WSG, I can shield him, then it gets taken down in seconds and cant do it again for ages. Cant root anyone who attacks him. Cant heal him without stopping, then he gets out of range after the first one. Cant kill anyone who attacks the FC without stopping. again, they run out of range.

Obviously, at level 27 it's not critical to do BG, but it seems kinda exciting. But would be better if I knew of anything to do that would help us to win.

Ya first thing to do is ignore the forums. They're populated by people who are, for one reason or another, angry and venting. The voice of reason is scarce there.

Horde is at an obvious disadvantage in AV, and I can offer statistical evidence to back that up.

  1. my win/loss ratio in AV is about 1:4, over 300+ games- not a large sample, but worth noting. My win/loss ratio for the other 2 BGs is roughly 1:1, but with smaller sample sizes.

  2. If you look at the 'most dangerous creatures' tool on the WoW site (which doesn't appear to be working now), Drek has anywhere from 3-4x as many kills as Vanndar. Why? Most games, the horde doesn't even get to Vann, so he doesn't get a chance to kill anyone.

Why is this?

  1. Paladins! You have to kill them twice, they wear plate, and they can heal. Major pain in the ass.

  2. Population- alliance has a greater population on most servers, this means they're generally more advanced in PVE and generally have better gear.

  3. Their base is way harder to get into than ours. You can ride through the horde base all the way to the back without having to fight a single NPC, while Horde is usually forced to pull NPCs back onto the bridge to kill them. The bridge is a nice chokepoint as well.

  4. Capturing Stormpike graveyard is WAY fucking harder than capturing Frostwolf GY, because of a series of blind corners in the canyon that can easily be defended. FW GY is basically out in the open and can be captured by two people.

Most AV games end with the horde stopped at SP GY by 5-10 allies, while the same amount of defense on horde side is insufficient to stop the ally offense.

My observations anyway.

thats pretty much the gist of it ...but horde being a bunch of retards who barely try to win doesn't help either

Also true.

Alliance actually wins more of all bg's.

But when it's pick up group vs. pick up group in wsg and ab the horde dominates. It just seems well over half of the ab and wsg alli teams are premade.

Since I haven't played horde in AV I don't really know the difference
between taking SP vs FW, but in my battlegroup the horde play absolutely
moronic. 90% of the time we ride into FW with no one on D, while we
have people back defending SP. Just a few people riding ahead can take
FW GY, towers and aid station while the other people on O cap IB & TP.

The last few games I've guarded GYs and I've only had a solo horde come
try and take it back. The other 10% of the time they turtle which is just a
waste of everyone's time and thats what /afk is for.

But I second what Homie said, forget about it and level :P As a priest
you're gonna be in demand anyhow.

My stats are very close to 50/50, according to HonorFu, not my memory. I seriously doubt that the AV imbalance is a result of the imbalance in other BGs.

Winning AV 50% of the time is an unreasonable request? I don't see why.

Your premise that Horde wins AB and WSG most of the time is demonstrably false.

Problem of course being that we're in battlegroups now, not single servers. Besides, the alliance on my server was much stronger than the horde: x-realm BGs evened the game out quite a bit.

Of course if you have statistics to present, feel free.

Sorry, the plural of anecdote is not evidence. The forums consist of a number of skewed anecdotes, and very little in the way of actual data.

No they're complaining because the losses stand out stronger than the wins among people who are inclined to complain on the forums. Its a simple error in judgement that most people make, called confirmation bias- I was actually suprised when I got a mod to track my wins/losses that it was 50/50. I thought I lost more than I won. But data is much better than memory.

You have no evidence to back up your assertion, so I'm going to go ahead and ignore it.

Guildmembers using the same mod have reported similar statistics. Not an exhaustive sample, I admit, but it does count as evidence. For example, if we got another set of data that showed horde winning 60/40, it wouldn't invalidate my data, it would be combined to show an overall win rate of 55/45. Other data sets could have other effects of course, but I don't have that data.

And neither do you, as it turns out.

The majority of people are wrong about most things. I mentioned that it's not an exhaustive sample, I don't have a problem with that. But it is meaningful. And its more than you have.

I'm done arguing with you.

lol sorry, faith in the memory of people is misplaced. This too can be supported with a lot of evidence.

as already mentioned, if the forums were correct then every class is both overpowered and nerfed at the same time.

More importantly, what do Priests do in BG to be effective?

if you alliance go in PUG you will lose. No doubt. The thing is 75% of the alli wsg groups these days are premade.

Horde usually scout for pugs. If you are an alli pug, you will lose 95% of the time, because horde groups just requeue until they get in against a pug. If you are an alli premade, you will win 95% of the time. It's that simple.

Priests? Heal. Good healing is the difference between winning and losing in BGs.

lol@me arguing with myself cuz Dusty Rhodes got banned.