Bay Area: Where to Live and Train?

If you were moving to the Bay Area and working in San Mateo, what would your ideal living/training setup be?

My work will likely be in San Mateo, I only need an efficiency apartment, and I can afford an upscale place.

I'd like to minimize driving time between work, home, and the gym while maximizing the quality of each.

Is it possible to work in San Mateo and train at Fairtex or Ralph Gracie? Maybe the drive from San Mateo to San Jose is easier in the evenings to go to AKA?

What would your ideal setup be?

You're heading into some serious commute-time freeway traffic. AKA might be a little far from SM, if you are looking for convenience. Fairtex would be reasonable, but parking around the school can be a hassle during meter hours. Ralph's Mountain View school isn't that bad from SM, but when I was there they weren't doing any stand-up at all (though they had nice Fairtex bags).

Personally, I liked AKA the best because of the quality of the instruction, both ground and standing. But that sounds like the least convenient school if you'll be working in SM.

im biased and will say that AKA is well worth the commute regardless of criteria... the prices are very reasonable and the classes and instruction are just top-notch across the board. everybody who is teaching there is well-proven in exctly what they are giving instruction in.

AKA has classes all day long--morning, noon and night.

Mountainview has some great guys--naturally. Cameron Earl is there as are some other really good guys--but i dont know of (m)any MMA fighters trining there right now. admittedly, im ignorant about other gym in the area like fairtex and Shamrock--i dont know who they have, their schedules or anything else that can be helpful...

FAIRTEX,$130 UNLIMITED nogi bjj with jake shields(former shooto champ,3rd place ADCC),ganyao(TUF muay thai trainer) and other fairtex thai teachers,boxing coach,yoga,weight lifting equip,ring,allt he fairtex bags u want and a cage.

I loved the training at Fairtex, too, fwiw. Great gym with great people teaching and working the office.

They didn't have BJJ yet when I was there, though, and AKA still had Frank Shamrock doing a grappling class (two situations which each have changed, now).

In San Mateo you should train at Fairtex, keep everything on that side of the bay. If you actually want to live in an affordable place but deal with a shitty commute you should move out here to the east bay. I live in concord and just in Concord we have Cesar Gracie's gym and George "TNT" Tsutsui's gym.

Uh...AKA is on the same side of the bay as San Mateo. The
drive from San Mateo to Fairtex might be a little shorter than
the drive from SM to AKA, but going to downtown SF at rush
hour can be a traffic nightmare. Of course, getting to AKA at
6pm can also be difficult; 280 is sometimes completely
backed up at that hour.

I've trained at both places. Both are great gyms with great
instructors. Go to both and see which one you like more;
they definitely have a different feel.

Maybe you can arrange something with your work so that
you come in early a few days a week and leave early too.

Then you might miss the traffic a little. Or buy a motorcycle
and commute that way.

for MMA try

For BJJ try

also tons of BJJ etc all over the bay area.


If I went to Fairtex, would it make sense to take the caltrain from SM to San Francisco? I see that the stop is only a mile from Fairtex academy. Maybe I'd warm up by jogging that mile or something with all of my gear on my back :)

Marco Nascimento BJJ is great. I also train at Peninsula Thai Boxing in San Carlos, and AKA doing privates with Mike Swick. AKA is a nice facility. Never trained at Fairtex, but I heard the new manager is screwing shit up. But what do I know.

You do understand that rent on "an upscale place" will run nearly 2 grand, yes?

Don't LEAVE!!! We need you, and your long, lankey, gadget legs...LOL..

Dude, train Jiu-Jitsu @ AKA w Dave Camarillo. Anywhere you go out there is going to be a commute. It's the California lifestyle...James Cook spent his first year out there between AKA and Faritex driving 1 hour each way.

who, what, and where is the ricksonsf gym? the website has some pictures and schedules, but no other info.

I rent an upscale place in the san carlos hills with a nice view for 1100. It's a 2 bedroom. The market is good for the renter right now.

when you moving man?

Hey Andy,

We'll keep our house here in the cities, but we'll have an apartment in Cali, so we'll be going back and forth alot. Nothing's final yet, still exploring. MMAA will always be my true home.

J Macc: What is the schedule at Peninsula Thai Boxing/Marco Nascimento? Its really close, so maybe I could go there during the week and AKA on the weekends.

I'd go to Fairtex the commute won't be that bad.

Well, they're both moving. Marco is going to teach out of his garage in foster city now. and Peninsula thai boxing is moving to palo alto, but will have classes on the hour.