BB Gun, Air Soft, sling shot, ninja star Fun Range

Anyone have a spot where they shoot stuff for fun in their garage or basement? Country folk and do backyard stuff. I belong to two gun ranges, but realized im doing the 12 yeard old me a huge disservice not having a “Fun Range” if this is a term that exists, please don’t tell me, i just thought of it!


Oh, dude. We have a full auto BB gun we screw around with in the backyard.


Awesome! I need to get my shit together!!!


It’s this one. You can get it on Amazon


What’s your range? Targets, cans?

My shed mostly and cardboard


Nice, do you live where you can buy ninja stars? If so, get some! Sling shot too!

Thinking of getting my son and daughter a red Ryder BB gun to mess around with in the backyard


Do it! Wal Mart sells the exact BbGun i had decades ago. My dad set up a “range” in the basement but i could only pump it so many times to not go through the backstop. We had a padles with various sized holes for using with bubbles. I hung it up to shoot inbetween the holes, well, i missed and it hit the plastic and hit RIGHT below my eye!! True story.

“You’ll shoot your eye out” almost happened to me!!!

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I had pump ones as a kid, but wanted something simple for the kids. I have a small backyard too so the simple red ryder lever ones will do.


Thr daisy powerline 880!!!


Weird this came up on my youtube feed yesterday while on break.

A big hobby of Ozzys is air soft / bb guns.

He’s strapped!

Then this thread came along so I figured I’d post.

Myself I haven’t messed with one since high school.


You think I’m a bitch? Of course we have a slingshot. No stars though.

Sir, by all means, i do not think anything!! But while i may not have a slingshot, my star game is stong! We are better as allies than enemies!

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Worth every penny. The look on people’s faces when I’d bust this out during get togethers was priceless. Standing there mouth agape as an empty beer can is sent to the six pack in the sky.


I am your ally. We shall join forces some day…soon!

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It’s a blast and bb’s and c02 are cheap.

And the world shall weep…

I have a question for you…

What is best in life @Low_Inspector_415 ?

Trans women

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I think that’s it! “And hear the transformations of their women”

You’re in, dude!!!