BC Gas $2 by end of summer?

You guys should be like Texas cheap prices with all your oil, plus all the surplus that would have gone into Keystone. But no you’ll be paying 8 bucks a gallon because you are taxed out of your fucking asses.

I don’t think Canada has a true refinery for oil. We have to send it to the US to be refined I think. Anyone know if we have one that can make gas?

Canada has a shit-ton of oil and more land mass than the US. They should have as many refineries as they need.

$2 litre. What the fuck is a litre, eh. Translate that into American please

$3.92 lowest grade right now. just filled my car up.
diesel is crazy! try not to drive my truck unless pulling my boat.

3.7 liters in a 1 gallon.
Nothing like using the AC in a hemi.

7.40 for 1 gallon. Lol. I hate Canada

Every day I read a headline about some absurd faggotry in canada and I think to myself “it can’t get any worse”.

And then with each passing day, it does.