** BC was great...Kareem better **

The BC grappling scene is tight...most of the competitors, clubs and crews are hillarious, down to earth and have no ego's...and their skills are tight.

I was super impressed with Lance Gibson's crew. These guys take professionalism to a whole new level. There is not ONE TEAM in this country that is tighter and run like a true team. Maybe RONIN's can compare, but you KNOW when TEAM GIBSON is in the house. Any Ryan, if you're reading this, that track suit is mine. I don't care what you and Lance do, but I will somehow get my hands on it...:)

Then again, there's the PG Fight Club. Bill, Bruno and Kajun were in the house. Let me tell you...I would got to bat for these guys ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Not only do they take this game seriously, they know how to have fun. We all know you don't mess with Bill, but Bruno, man, that guy is the funniest dude around. Add Kajun to the mix, who is nutz as well, and you have an insane group of guys who love to fight, who have a good time, but a crew you can count on in a minute's notice. Thanks for the weekend guys...Bill, sorry for waking you up so early every day, but I was on Toronto time all weekend. I didn't mean too, but you're better off for it...lol.

I stayed at the Evolution Gym and man, that place is incredible. Thanks a million to Barb Taylor for treating me so well. She's got a sense of humour and a sarcastic side that rivals mine. She knows where to draw the line for business, and where the jokes can come in...and she can beat you down with a one liner. It was a pleasure to have worked with you and hopefully we can get to tackle a hunderd other projects in the very near future. Don't 'F' around cause you know I'm waiting for a phone call in a couple of weeks...:)

Jason Darrah...you rule. This guy is too funny. It's safe to say that when Jason wakes up in the morning, it's in your best interest to give him a 10 metre radius. He's just not there...lol. And if you want a good time at the bar, hang out with Jason and the PG Fight Club...you're guaranteed a great knockout of a time.

Matt Leo...this guy's heart is in the right place, so look for this guy to explode on the seen real soon. Mind you he didnt' give me any cookies...:)

Forum members Low Otis, JimmyMcGimmick and Wombat were in attendance. LowOtis has more energy than a two year old on koolaid, JimmyMcGimmick knows his shiznit and Wombat...well, we all know wombat...:)

Oh yeah, the fights:

Bocek looked great but got caught. He couldn't pull his leg out and Cameron was smart. That's it. It happens. Bocek rules and I don't care what anyone else says.

Spider...heck, he took down Javier Vasquez which shocked Javi, an NCAA calibre wrestler. Although Spider ended up losing, Javi told me he'll be paying close attention to Spider from now on. That basically means Javi had to work that much harder vs Spider in situations he may have never been in.

Shawn Geris...that dude is tough. I don't want him getting double overhooks on me...that's all I have to say. 'Air Geris' is not a fun flight...:) He'll be back, hopefully at the OSWI.

Schilling...fought hard vs Pelligrino. Scott doesn't give himself enough credit, but trust me, he looked great. He's a warrior, plain and simple. And if we do the math, both Pelligrino (who beat Schilling) and Earle (who beat Bocek) made it to the finals, so there's no shame in losing to the finalists.

Phil...well, it's a learning experience for Phil and I look forward to when he can get back in there. I really believe he will pick up the pace next time around. Too gifted to not wreac havoc.

Cory MacDonald...this guy is ALL class. He should have gone much further but due to his injury had to stop. On top of that, he loves Texas Hold'em, so he's a friend of mine. Even still, he's always got a smile on his face and NOTHING phases him. A true gentlemen.

Nick Ring...don't even let me start about this guy, cause I can talk for hours about him. He is LEAPS AND BOUNDS on my 'fighter' contact list than the majority of fighters in this game. I would contact Nick to fight for me and the various organzations I am with before I contact guys in the UFC or Pride. Why? Because he is professional, he is a fighter and he is a special type human being. One that only comes around in rare circumstances. If I have a say, Nick Ring will go far in this game.

Kareem Byron - Sugarbear...you did it. Half of us were fighting tears when you won, but damn it, you deserve it. Next to Denis and Prof.Soares, nobody is prouder of you than me. You have supported me from Day one, with all my tournaments. You have been to Joslins numerous times. You have supported Rick's OSWI's. We shared a room last year in San Diego for the trials and our conversations about BJJ/Grappling only made us both understand the game better. You stepped up for me at my last event to help ref. I want this forum to NAME ONE OTHER PERSON WHO DESERVES THIS MORE THAN KAREEM??? Exactly...there is nobody, because when you do good things, it all comes back to you. Kareem, this is your time my man...be ready, the studs will be in Long Beach and you will show them that the Bear will run the jungle.

I have so many highlights for the weekend, but some that stand out were Kareem and Constance's galooping across the two mats. That was the craziest thing I have seen in my career. Kareem's balance is AWESOME.

Watching the Hopkins/DelaHoya fight with all the competitors at the Evolution Gym. Truely something I will remember.

Seeing Javi Vasquez again and chit chatting with him about life. No one understands how awesome Javi is. He's a rare breed and someone I can talk to about anything, not just MMA and Grappling, but about life, women, idea's, clubs, business etc. He rules.

Best match of the tournament IMHO: Javier vs Crane. The best way to describe this fight is simple. Look at Bocek's game...he's fast, quick and just does it. Spider simply locks positions. He moves gracefully and let's everything fall into place. Javier Vasquez transition game is simple. There is no scrambling. He just JUMPS from position to position. The speed and accuracy of Javi's motion on the mat is incredible. Kajun and I were smiling, laughing and in awe the whole time. Crane as well is no slouch. I didn't give him the credit he deserved, being biased and knowing Javi the way I do. But Crane's game is SICK. Javi was just that much better.

Again, thanks to all and hopefully I can get back to BC soon enough. This game has been so nice to me and I want to help you guys out again. It was my third birthday in a row that I was not at home. Hawaii, Mexico and BC...hopefully next year I can be somewhere else...:)

Congrats to all the easterners who competed. Joe is there a tape of the fights going around? I would like to get one if possible.

Oops...JAYMAC...finally got to meet Jaymac. Man, he is awesome...his wife and kids were in attendance and now I understand why he and his wife are in shape...the kids...lol. Seriously, Jaymac, if you're reading this, I'm working on what we talked about as we speak. I'll be in touch or contact Greg as well.

Kang...seeing Kang is always a welcome treat. Especially since he doesn't sleep with blankets and a pillow...;)...poor bastid. Sorry Denis, but that was freakin' hillarious.

HTM...I don't know to be honest. I know the ABU DHABI guys were taping everything for the DVD. They were pretty strict with guy who had camcorders so I don't know if anyone got alot of footage.

Oops...Lisa and Derrick. The new breed of photographers/reporters in Canada. One day I will have enough juice to party with you guys, but you caught me on a bad weekend in Toronto (I was burnt out) and in BC (way too tired). I wanted to party at APEX but you guys already started...lol. I couldn't find you guys...:) E-mail me when you guys get back.

Thanks for the update and congrats to all the grappler, especially Kareem. Way to go big guy.

Thanks Joe...man, you should have come out with us - the night was, um, interesting to say the least!

I want to thank everyone at Evolution - Barb, Jay, Matt and Kevin, thanks again and again for your hospitality!

Mike, I don't know how you do it! Your hard work is truly appreciated!

Congrats to all the guys who competed and put on a great show!


p.s. Mike, you've got mail!

McNeil...lol...How can I forget McNeil. Maybe cause he's like family and he already knows he rules.

If it wasn't for McNeil, there would not have been a North American tourney in Canada. That is FACT. We all owe McNeil thanks for this one.

Way to go boys (Girls too)

Thanks Joe its much appreciated. I already posted a thanks to Mike (hes not wearing a silly hat) but I wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank Barb and Jason for the hospitality, the gym rules and everyone invovled has a serious love for the sport and it shows. I can't wait to get back that way again.

ttt 4 biggy

Thanks Joe, we finally meet and the funny thing is it was kind of like running into an old friend you have not seen in awhile. Great to finally meet you and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

I learned a very good lesson this weekend! You can not take any fight lightly.I go to ADCC qualifier on 12 hrs. notice, drive with my family 8hrs, sleep 4hrs and then try and compete with the best in an event I was not prepared for in the first place even under the best circumstances!Leason learned the hard way!!!

To make matters worse, my kids were acting so horrible that we had to just turn around and drive straight back home while they were sleeping!!So I did not get to meet or talk to most of these people you are speaking so highly of!Like I said leason well learned.....

Jason, you stepped up and gave it a go, you get credit for throwing down on short notice. I heard you had you tongue caught between you teeth when the the guy had you in a guillotine, OUCH!!!!!!

Holy shit that fuckin spider kid is insane. I've never rolled with anyone that moved like that. I out wieghed him by like 50 lbs and he triangled me at will. I was very impressed with his performance. Nick ring also impressed me a great deal. I've seen him at grappling tourneys before and I've also seen him fight. his ground game has improved in leaps and bounds. Props to Nick Ring.

Thanks too everyone. Even Joe for forgetting me...where's the love????;-)

Hopefully I, and all those who helped, can make the grappling (and MMA) scenes stronger across Canada for all those involved.

It was tough, but I hope it opened some doors for all of us.

I think I'm going to be stepping back a bit for a while and am going to travel. (Anyone have contacts in Thailand or Malaysia?).

But look for some big things to come next year back in Ontario and out here in the West.

Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil