Be careful of what you wish for?

Well a couple of weeks ago I started a thread about someone needing to open a school in Bullhead City AZ. Well I was at the local market and I seen an advertisement for a seminar at Mohave College in late June. The seminar is for Reylson Gracie. When I was pricing training in Las Vegas a few years ago he was the most expensive at over 200 a month. I heard some "less than stellar" stories about him having blue belts teaching students and the Joe Moriera story and not any live rolling going on in there. How he has a set number of classes for a blue belt. Now I never met the man so I don't want to talk trash about him but I do value your guys opinion on whether I should pursue his seminar. If you would rather e-mail me or be anonymous than respond on this thread thats OK too. Thanks for your time.

well if its the same guy that was my 1st instructors "instructor" then hes a crook. the guy i trained under was a crook who had this "so many classes" thing from reylson. it was BS pretty much just a scam. but i dont know if this is the same guy.

i know relson gracie is VERY legit. if its him then it is definitely good. but this other guy i dont know about.

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