Be careful on Black Friday

With the economy improving and large numbers of people going to stores Friday, please be sure to mask up. If you’re not vaccinated, consider asking vaccinated friends and family to shop on your behalf. Be safe friends


Do the masks protect against being trampled to death at a Walmart? This might be the safest Black Friday ever if they do


If you are white can you participate in black friday or is that cultural appropriation?


Season 2 Lol GIF by Friends

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Just got my booster yesterday!

Awesome! Welcome to the club.

Lmao. OP I don’t think this is going to be a very popular thread :rofl:


I’ll keep saying this in all relevant threads for the minority of the OG that doesn’t already know:
EazyG and EMoney are trolling you
Don’t reply. They (if they’re not the same person) have a boring, disingenuous and predictable posting pattern designed to get reaction and gain attention
Maybe even mid driven to try and create conflict which then keeps people posting on the site fir linger (at least that would have some purpose other than complete lack of originality and authenticity)
Don’t take the bait - just ignore them
They’re not funny or clever
If nobody replies, it’ll be amusing to see them desperately dial up their bullshit as they starve to death


Emoney, that is very noble of you looking out for the peasantry with a public safety reminder as they are intensely focused on Peasant Friday, their Biggest FlimFlam Addiction Day of the Year!

Mask up

Very timely reminder.