Be careful out there

Just got my yearly check up from my doctor.

He’s assured me it was perfectly normal to get an erection, and even ejaculate during the exam.

I still wish he hadn’t tho…


I just wouldn't of said anything to anyone EVER and went on my with merry day!

usually i get kissed before that happens.

i normally tip for that

Al Cappucino - 
Rambo John J - Moon River!

Using the whole fist Doc?

Breathe easy!

That’s why I always go to female Dr/NP/PA

cruedi - That's why I always go to female Dr/NP/PA

Small hands

Its only natural. Nothing to be ashamed about. I find if you arch ur back a little, it aligns everything a little better and can feel VERY nice. Cheers.

Try to do a guy a favor....geesh.