Be careful when BJJ'ing in the..


Some background info: I have been training BJJ and CSW for about 8 months now, and all of my close friends do not train in any MA, hence a lot of the time the usual scenario ensues when we are out drinking; the old 'watch out - he is an expert in kung fu!' joke. Or 'could you kill someone with one punch?' drunken question. I dont bring up training in conversation or constantly talk about Jiu-Jitsu and how great it is, but I will obviously talk about it if someone asks. One of my friends also likes to have a go at taking me out or seeing if BJJ works when we are all out, and this sometimes happens when we are really drunk.

Anyhow, we were out last night for one of my mate's birthday, we were all pretty wasted and were en route to another pub. We get out of the taxi and walk down through quite a large paved area behind most of the pubs and away from the main streets, I can't remember how/why we started grappling randomly in the street, but we did. So, as you would expect from someone who trains in jits against someone with no training, I take him down and get the mount. I then pin one of his arms with my knee and proceed to slap him around the face for a laugh.

We are all laughing and I then let him get up and we go again, although this time he takes me down. So, I swept him with a butterfly sweep and ended up taking his back and slapping on the RNC - he struggles for a while and tries to resist but then taps, we get up, and this time we are done. My friend finds his phone that he dropped and we go around the corner and in to the pub.

I was too drunk to realise it, but people starting saying 'Dude, what happened to your eye?' I was like wtf? So I go and check my eye in the mirror and I had scratched the whole side of my face and eyelid and it was starting to swell, I figure it must've been when I pulled off the sweep.

Therefore i'm sat here now with a hangover, an ice-pack on my face and a swollen/black/scratched eye and it hurts like f*ck.

So you've all been warned, no drunken street jits because you will regret it in the morning.

^ yes concrete sucks for grappling, learned that really early...

its like order to be able to study drunk, you then have to test drunk to pass.

play grappling sucks in the about play MT where you just drop him with a full power leg kick

ill take a scratched face over being put to sleep any day of the week.

You were just playing, but only 8 months of training and it sounds like you completely controlled this guy, this should have made believers out of your friends.

'how about play MT where you just drop him with a full power leg kick'

that would have been a lot less painful this morning... for me anyway

'You were just playing, but only 8 months of training and it sounds like you completely controlled this guy, this should have made believers out of your friends'

I think it showed them how effective it can be in a street scenario (although I damaged myself in the process!) even with my limited experience, we were going pretty hard too I think.

The worst part of it is that my friend came off fairly well compared to my injury and therefore it looks like he was the one who won, even though I schooled his ass!

How about in a phonebooth?

What the hell did yallz clothes look like?

(when inside the pub)

Or was it the cleanest n softest street in the country

Not that it makes any difference but we were dressed in golf gear playing pub golf! Lol if anyone saw two golfers grappling in the street. I think they remained fairly intact, not that I will be wearing them again anyway

Lol, I don't want sympathy, i'm simply relaying vital grappling information for the benefit of the world

ttt for crucial info

I dont think you have to try grappling on concrete to understand its a bad idea.

Here's my story. This was a long time ago.

Some of my friends and their friends got together once. One of the guys I didn't know well did a some TMAs but he wasn't a hardcore tkd blackbelt. At this time I just knew a little of BJJ. I had only taken a college BJJ course at that time. People still knew I could do some grappling though. The TMA guy was just playing around and started slap boxing with me. One of the guys said "ooh, this will be good." I went for the takedown, but didn't want to hurt him so I went slower, just joking around mostly. He took advantage of that and got on top of me with all that he had. Everyone thought I was going to loose because he ended up on top. I fished out, got guard, and went for an armbar. He escaped by pulling his arm out, but fell on his ass. I then saw the leg and got him in a straight leglock. I won, but I ended up getting some big scrapes on my arm.

Grappling on carpeting sucks too.

ttt for drunken stories


He didn't get hurt, he nearly got choked out though. I wish I had thought of the standing guillotine, I guess beer hampers your grappling game and your memory of jits arsenal