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Home invasion victims disarm intruder with kindness, rum

By Associated Press
October 31, 2003

TAMPA -- Two women in the their 60s say they used kindness, food and rum to subdue a shotgun-wielding man who broke into their house.

Police eventually came and arrested a 52-year-old man after he became groggy from the liquor and passed out.

Cathy Ord and Rose Bucher said they tried to make friends with the man after he burst in through a kitchen window toting a sawed-off shotgun Tuesday night. They made him a ham sandwich, gave him a bottle of rum and suggested he take a shower.

"We just treated him with kindness," said Bucher, 63.

The intruder didn't say what he wanted, and the women said they suspected he had committed a crime somewhere and needed a safe place to stay.

"It was so surreal," said Ord, 60. She offered him cash and the keys to her Cadillac, but he didn't leave, she said.

He ordered the women to turn off the lights and to whisper when talking. He sat for a long time chatting with the shotgun in his hands.

"He said he wouldn't harm us unless we did something smart," Bucher said. The women asked, in a whisper, whether he was hungry. He said yes. They made him a sandwich and a gave him a bottle of rum, and encouraged him to shower and shave so he could "sort of be disguised in his getaway," Ord said.

He called and talked to his girlfriend, the women said, and then, shortly after 3 a.m., he asked whether they would call him a cab.

By the time the cab arrived, he was unconscious. The cab driver called 911, and within minutes more than a dozen sheriff's deputies stormed the house.

Alfred Joseph Sweet was in jail Thursday with no bond, charged with armed home invasion and false imprisonment. Attorney information was unavailable.

That's a little much but possibly a clever idea for two 60 year old women to do when faced with a burglar.

That's how Angela Lansbury would've done it.