BE NICE to you're depressed melancholy frens...

because when the shit hits the fan, these are teh guys that remain calm and will be the best to have around.

you know? when teh zombie horde is approaching, they're the ones that say, "figures..." and start pulling off head shots consistently.

the happy folks are shocked and shaking.

alls i'm sayn.


I'm of the opinion depressed people need Morse guns


*Boom Phone Post


for my melancholy, depressed friends

lol maria is probably one of the most melancholy whorebags out there! +1 for melancholy

 AND she fucks like a champ!

i also fucked up "you're" in the title. i blame vegas. this place is depressing.

is "melancholy whorebag" zipperhead junglespeak for to fuk her I'd eat her ass out even if it was packed full of HGers chum loads?..........cause I'd be tempted

i'd have to put on some weight for that one or it will be bone on fun for anyone...(not even in jail)