I have a coworker that is raving about the diet and exercise plan. Ever heard about it?

Never heard of it, and there is no need to discuss topics of that nature on this forum.

This is a Strength & Conditioning forum. We do not need it filled up with threads about how to get "Brad Pitt Shredded" or the "South Beach Diet" or ab rollers or anything else of the sort.

OH MAN. That site is so corporate, they have so much stuff all over the page.

Like: the yoga booty ballet section. It includes helful links like: is yoga booty ballet for me?,2,21

I checked it out, it sells fitness tapes, supplements and they have a community section as well.

Jenny - is there a specific plan? I couldn't find the link.

The guy is just looking to see if that site offers good programs and diets. I'm unsure of why anyone beleives this is outside of the scope of this forum.

That said, i've seen their infomercial for the "slim in 6" program and it looks ok at best. They had a diet with it, but they didn't discuss what the diet was about. Depending on your goals, the program may work well, but i need more info (the actual program + your goals) to review it further.


There are plenty of other sites and forums for that stuff out there, no need to ruin THIS forum.

An honest inquiry in trying to find out health and fitness info isn't going to "ruin" anything.

I hope not.

Holy fuck kansetsuwaza. Take a breath. Mods - please move this thread to the OG before somebody has a stroke. Sorry about the intrusion.

Chemicalsage, the best I can tell, they have there own supplements that you take and the workout plan seems to be an aerobic program with light resistance training.

Seemed kind of cheesy to me to, but I figured I would pose the question to this forum since it is the largest collective of people educated in nutrition and fitness that I know of. Sorry if I ruined it.

You definately didn't ruin anything. You can post all the fitness stuff you want, unless a mod says otherwise.

I think that 'aerobic program with light resistance training' is a terrible way to get in shape, unless you like doing training like that. I'm for workouts with heavier resistance w/ anaerobic elements. Those programs are tough and they don't work well for most people (IMO).

There doesn't seem to be anything special about the program that makes it stand out from the general (profit driven) fitness industry.

Thanks Sage. I am with you.

Sorry if I sounded harsh peeps, didn't mean to, I have seen other forums get over-run with "fitness" stuff. Personally I would like to see this place stick to S&C as it relates to sports. (It is sad enough that there are dozens of magazines related to fitness and bodybuilding, and not even ONE for sports related training).

Just my $0.02.

The 'best' thing about almost any of these package deals is that they get a person who has been sitting around all day, off his/her butt and actually DOING something. Few people realize just how much a beginner can actually change if they start working out, even if it's something that experienced lifters consider silly.

By the way, feel free to post whatever questions you like on here. If this place were only about S&C as it's related to MMA it would be very boring indeed.


Hey, you guys are still my peeps, right?

Yeah, I thought so!

Jenny - so what's your plan now? Do you want help finding something to do? Do you have a gym membership?

I have watched the infomercial for "slim in 6" and looked at it on their website. It is basically a combo of all the popular products on the market today. It had

1). Rubber band resistance training
2). Pilates
3.) Cardio-kickboxing

One of the main advantages is that since it's a variety so you won't have the burn out boredom factor.

ChemicalSage - I do have a gym membership. I do cardio like a madman (elliptical, stationary bike, swimming, mostly good old fashioned running.) I Do some sort of cardio 6 days a week and a calisthenics routine consisting of lots of pushups, flutterkicks, crunches, dips, etc. about 3 days a week.

I am looking to add some more resistance training into the mix. I am seriously considering kettle bells.

Also, I am looking for a good diet plan - nothing faddish like Atkins or South Beach.

If you need an extra ass-beating, take a serious look at my Mod. 1. I would also suggest Clubbells if you're looking to add resistance to your workouts. www.trainforstrength.comTrain hard, SCRAP

thanks Scrap!