Beaches ppl and East-end'ers-Bewar

There's a guy in the Beaches area of Toronto that's
claiming to teach 'Brazilian Grappling' (and no, it's
not Jesse Richardson - everyone knows he is LEGIT)

The guy's name is Mark Evans (anyone heard of him ever
being associated with bjj or grappling?) My
understanding is anyone can teach 'grappling' or
'wrestling with submissions', but when they add the
word Brazilian to the word grappling it just rubbed me
the wrong way - seems alot are trying their damn best
to accociate bjj with their name or club (call it bjj,
call it brazilan grappling, call it brazilain-style
grappling, call it whatever you like), but when they're
trying to cash-in on the whole "bjj" craze, it's just
not right - especially when 'legit' clubs are all
around the city, and the legit teachers/trainers/
coaches have taken the time, the energy, the sweat and the $ to do everything right FROM THE BEGINNING, these
guys move in and try to take potential $ and students
away from the legitimate guys (you all know who you are
without me mentioned all the gyms/names).

This guys club is at 2210 Queen St E, and it's called
Horizon Martial Arts.

If you're in or around the Beaches and you want proper
BJJ and/or Submission Grappling taught to you, go and
visit Franco/Behring associate and student Jesse Richardson. He's located two blocks west of Woodbine
Ave, on the north side of Queen St. I forget the exact
address, but give him a call at 416-704-3332. He's in
the basement of a Catholic church two nights a week
and on Saturdays.

isn't 2210 Queen St. E. a Pet Valu store?

What are this guys' credentials anyway? anything at all?



It's behind the pet store.
I dropped in there during the summer, they suck.
Karate guys that saw a few tapes, but they also admittd that to me.

It's one or two units north of the pet store I believe.

I forget the side street that it intersects.

I've emailed him but have yet to hear back. Dan, your
guess is as good as mine - until about a month or so
ago, I had never heard of him or his club.

Thou shall storm thy dojo!!!

Cool - thanks for the warning Wayne. The good thing is that with so many good, legit BJJ clubs in the area, it isn't too hard to find a good school to go to. Would suck for a beginner to go and think they were doing BJJ and invest in a year's worth of training at such a place though.