Bear mase at water park ?

Mission spray park closed after children suffer swollen eyes, burns

It doesn't say anything about mase in the article (it might I didn't actually read ) . But in our towns Facebook group there is a lot of pissed off parents saying that kids put mase in there some how . Would that work or would the water dilute it?



I doubt it, the park probably screwed up the chlorine levels 



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sounds like bearstare has put his retribution plan in motion.

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Heh. Sorry OP. Had to spam ma$e.

Happiness Bunny -

Heh. Sorry OP. Had to spam ma$e.

You got him before I could. I came to post this, one of the greatest songs of all time:


At most this will only keep me out of the water park a few more days.


Andy Mulvihill (son of Action Park owner Gene Mulvihill) read this and was like "FUCK! Why didn't we think of that. We could have had a waterslide where jets sprayed bear spray when you came around a turn..."

TheBearStare -

At most this will only keep me out of the water park a few more days.

How about shooting you in your fucking head?

Years ago we used to build water park stuff here ( near mission) didn’t do that one

all of our water lines were direct feed from city water

i never installed them just built components but ours were just straight hooked up to city water, I dont think they recycle the water at all or treat it


again this was years ago and if they do treat it now I agree is a problem with their chemical treatment