Bear Necessity

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A California teenager rushed to defend her dogs from a family of bears, shoving the biggest bear off a wall and scaring it away … and it’s all on video.

The incredible scene played out Monday afternoon in the San Gabriel Valley, and you see a huge bear and two bear cubs walking along a backyard wall when four pet dogs scurry over and nearly get swiped by a huge bear paw.
With her dogs barking like crazy, a 17-year-old named Hailey rushed over to see what was the matter, springing into action when she realized there were bears on the prowl.

Ya gotta see the video … the teen runs straight for the big bear, shoving it back into a neighbor’s yard with both hands and rushing her dogs back to safety.

The bear gets back on the cement wall, but doesn’t want any more of Hailey … hightailing it off the property.

Props to Hailey for the bravery, but this could have ended bear-y badly for her … and her little dogs.

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She was Smarter than the average Bear Boo Boo

I had just watched that. She had some big ones to go after that bear without hesitation.

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The Bear Stare just wanted to say hello to his canine friends

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Teh BearStare was out to do some rapin’!

I thought that was some grannie. Wtf is she wearing a grannie dress for?

Shoot Me

Why is she dressed like that? She looks like an old maid with that dress and hair.

I don’t know much about bear attacks, but it doesn’t seem he was being super aggressive, just trying to shoo away the dog barking at him.

Not sure why we are glorifying yet another pushy broad.


The bear should not be in their backyard. To allow the bear to just chill in the backyard is dangerous for the bear and people living around there.

It was a mom with cubs, always a highly charged and potentially dangerous situation.

It would have been even better to shoot it with some rubber bullets or spray it with bear spray but the shove will suffice.

Bearstare has really gone soft after siding with John Cena.

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Thanks… I was wondering.

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