Bearded Dragon Info

I recently visited the local herp shop and they have quite a few bearded dragons for sale. After reading some of the posts on here I have been wanting to get one for some time. I already have a Jackson's Chameleon and Russian Tort. I forgot to ask how old the dragons were but they looked to be about three inches in length. The shop was selling them for 40.00 each. What info can you guys provide on keeping a bearded dragon. Thanks.

Thanks Trust, I picked up a Dragon this weekend. The guy at the herp shop was really helpful about getting the right light and tank requirements. Those lil buggers can really eat. I have been feeding him twice a day since Saturday. I give him three small crickets and romaine lettuce. I read an article on the internet which stated that Beards won't usually drink water out of a bowl. But I have seen mine drink out of it two times already. I believe that he or she is a month and a half old. If I wasn't such a cheap ass I would buy a digital camera and post pictures for you.

Romaine lettuce, while better than iceberg lettuce still has very little nutritional value.Try and stay away from it when possible.
Stuff like Dandelion greens and the flowers, alfalpha sprouts, bok choy, endive, split peas and pods, collard greens, green beans, turnip greens, a bit of grated squash (zuccini even) are all much better.

Stuff like Kale, is ok in small amounts infrequently as too much will give them thyroid problems later on in life.I'd just stay away from it and stuff like broccoli, spinach, and cabbages if at all possible myself.

I'm trying to get more info on what flowers are ok as well, i know offhand that Dandelions, Nasturtium, Hibiscus are all quite nutritious and they love em.

Variety is the key and try and keep a minimum 2:1 Calcium to Phosphorous ratio and you'll be great.

Scratch the alfalfa sprouts, it's mature alfalfa you want, the sprouts aren't so hot and potentially posses salmonella.

A lot of good information, thank you so much.

Actually after doing more research some of my info is outdated. I'll find a link here for ya, it'll better explain it than i can.Here is an awesome source for a balanced diet.Yes it's geared towards Iguanas but all the nutritional info and the ingredients apply to any lizard that is either herbivorous or omnivorous..So in your case keep up the crickets/mealworms part and add a small amount of this for the veggie part of the diet.You'll want to print out pages 40-45(i made it a link for the lazy ;p)

Troy, i'm not sure (edit-Re:Salmonella)Also here's the short, quick version of the link i provided.Again a link for the lazy ;-)

Phillipe is a great source of info, i'm sure the feeder insects book of his is fantastic.

A lazy man thanks you for the link.:)