Beards are cool but everyone....

Needs to shut the f@?k up about having one.  I've had one...they're cool...look great on a lot of guys.    But seriously you're not doing amazing.  You're just not shaving....weird reason to have an ego. 

You can't grow a beard...can you.

First response winner again

I can quite well sir.   However I don't constantly post beard nonsense on fb and's jumped the shark.  Grow one cool...just get over it 

Chimonos Revenge -

First response winner again

Knew that was coming a mile away....

OPs ex is getting the bearded BBC

i bet everyone ragging on the OP has the same exact beard all their friends do

I agree.

I have a beard, I think its better than shaving every day, but its not the best thing on earth.

Bacon, Hotsauce, Beards, all this stuff is great, but dont go all crazy with it.