Bears add John Tait.

I'm sure you casual fans who only know who Clinton Portis or Terrell Owens is won't care, but the Chiefs did not match the Bear's offer to John Tait tonight, making him a Bear. He is a very good right tackle who is durable & has played in the same offense the Bears are switching to this year. The Chiefs (and Priest Holmes) will miss him.

Good pickup for the Bears. I hope they stop there.

"The Chiefs (and Priest Holmes) will miss him"

Not to mention trent Green who is glued to the pocket.

True KC will miss him, but don't forget that they have two hall of famers on that line in Will Shields and Willie Roalf. I'll be curious to see how Tait will fare when he is the man on the line. He's a damn good lineman, coming into his prime, but the Chicago offered too much up front.

Now hopefully KC will take the money they saved from tait and sign somebody good on the defense, like Troy Vincent.

I don't think they saved enough money on Tait to sign Troy Vincent. Even if they did, he'd just be the tip of the iceberg in rebuilding a horrible, horrible defense.

yes, it is a horrible defense. :/ Tait is a stud. Nice pickup by the bears.