Who are the Bengals playing?

Nice one too.

There are going to be some great opening games.
Chargers v Bears (LT vs good D)
Bengals v Ravens (Good game all around)
Saints v Colts (Offensive firepower on both sides)

Agreed, there are some great first week games.

Justin that you?

Tim...careful what you wish for, my friend.

Oh Hawk I have wisehd for it..I wanted it last season bad. I think we are coming into this game to show who really should have been in post season play last season. ;)

San Diego WAS in post season play last season. Do I need to remind you? I mean, the Bears did all they could to get a chance to play San Diego. Your boys are the ones who fucked that up.

Oh snap!!

lol meant the playoffs so soddy

I have seen who will play who but is there an actual schedule out yet? One that lists the dates of the games?


It should be out soon, I think.

Perhaps or would provide this information to you quicker than MMA.TV?

"Perhaps or would provide this information to you quicker than MMA.TV?"

True HEF. I checked ESPN yesterday and just checked yahoo, and didn't see anything. is full of experts of all walk of life so I figured I would throw it out there.

by the way I am very suprised the Raiders dind't get another opeing night primetime game :(