Bears/Packers MMA reference...

WTF happened? I go to grab a beer and come back to here "... an MMA move!"

 tackled in the backfield...not very exciting.

Thanks Mad X! I see Brasco just beat me to it too. Weird Al Michaels would say that. Thought I missed a Judo throw or something.

 Al Michaels must be a fan haha, looked nothing like an MMA move tho

It was a bit of a hip toss. Al went a little wacky, but still....MMA reference in prime time TV is nice to see.

yeah and points to Al for saying "MMA" and not "UFC"

On the other hand I could never stand Collinsworth, and still can't.

hate collinsworth....miss madden's craziness.

Wasn't much of a 'move' but there was a little pseudo-judo in there. Definitely not good form tackling that's for sure.