Bears vs Rams ........................... Fans

Several Bears and Rams fans got into a wild brawl Sunday night – with multiple men throwing and landing massive haymakers – and the violence was all captured on video obtained by TMZ Sports .

The calamity all started at the beginning of L.A.'s game against Chicago … when one witness tells us a Bears fan got into a verbal argument with several Rams fans for cheering the action on the field.

The witness says things got so aggressive in the seats, security at SoFi Stadium had to step in and request people swap chairs in order to keep the peace.

We’re told after the game, though, some of the men ran into each other inside the concourses at the newly built arena – and it didn’t take long for the fists to start flying.

In video of the battle, you can see multiple scraps broke out … including one where a man in an Akiem Hicks jersey was pummeled by punches and kicks.

In fact, the fights were so violent … you can see blood actually ended up smeared all over the man’s Hicks jersey.

We’re told security was eventually able to break things up … ultimately putting one of the combatants in handcuffs – though it’s unclear if any actual arrests were made.

I feel like 2021 is going to set a new record for the number of fan fights

There’s another video of a couple of Redskins (SORRY! Football Team) fans punching each other out

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This has to be the third or 4th Brawl i posted this year

I love it.

I also didn’t realize BWS shaved his head and was a Chicago fan :wink:

Random woman yelling “Stahhhhhhhp itttttt!” Has never once, in all of human civilization, ever actually stopped a fight or helped in any way at all

If i ever get into a fight against multiple people, i hope it wouod be against any of the guys fighting in this video

Yeah, I was thinking about heading to the stadium for the Bucs game, but seeing as it has the usual “LA fans” I probably won’t.

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