Bears will interview Saban

ESPN is reporting that the Bears & Falcons will both be interviewing Nick Saban in the next week. Great news for Bear fans.

I think Saban will stay at LSU..He is already making 2.5 millon a year and after seeing what happened to Spurrier, he doesnt want to go through that.

LSU apparently is set to offer Saban a 10-year contract at about 3 million per.

Any NFL team offering Saban a contract better have an offer starting with a 4 or 5, otherwise they're wasting their time.

I think he's got a great thing going at LSU, and shouldn't leave anyways though.

I agree..I dont think he has a desire to go to the NFL,and the money in LSU aint bad at all.

well the falcons just hired mora jr. so its down to one. hopefully the bears won't have enough to lure him away from lsu.

Saban & Bears GM Angelo go way back. I'm sure Angelo wouldn't be waiting for Saban if he didn't have a hunch he would come on board.

And Saban has an offer for $3mil a year on the table from LSU. He's dragging his feet signing it.

i thought the falcons had the best opening. inheriting vick would be nice and mckay is a good gm. i think they'll go add another big name on offense and tighten up the defense. jauron did a good job this year rallying the team after such a bad start. i didn't think he should be fired with all the injuries the last few years. i'm not sure if the bears will spend enough to get the pieces they need.

They just said on the Fox halftime show that Saban turned down da Bears.

Can you say.......Fassell??

I'm switching my hopes to Mike Nolan. Don't ask me why.

"Jerry Angelo is a goof."

What are you talking about? He wasn't there when the McGinnis thing went down. He was busy building the Bucs into perennial winners. Then he had one of the best drafts in the league last year.