Beast mode/Savage!

Well…that was stupid. 1/2 Murph w/20lbs of body armor. Was too drained and ended up walking the last 1/4 mile. I should’ve done an active recovery day instead. Horrible effort. Planned on doing a full Murph but quickly realized it was a bad idea during the 1st 1/4 mile jog.

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Duuuuude. Relax. Not everybody here wants to feel bad about their workout laziness.


I wanna be the much lower level ghetto version of Goggins and hopefully get at least 1 person off their ass and get moving. If I can do it … anyone can. I can confidently state – there is nothing special about me or my genetics.


I stopped doing a rest day on Sunday. Every day I’m doing my shit. Stretching in the morning and doing my alternating routine later in the day. Going on some short but intense hikes with my 6 yr old on the weekends and giving him piggyback rides on the most steep parts. Also gonna mix some leg calisthenics back into my workouts.

I no longer schedule rest days. I did when I was younger but now I just go by feel. If I feel good, I’ll workout 7 days in a row. The intensity will differ on each day but I like to stay in motion. There will be days where I’m just not feeling it or worn out so I don’t do shit. Other days I might do an active recovery day by going on a long ass hike, sometimes with a weighted ruck.

Luckily I have a dog so I have to at least take him on a walk and get outside to play fetch with him on a daily basis. Yeah…legs…I noticed a big difference when I added air squats. I need to get back to doing them on a regular basis. I did them for a while; 500/day. They really carried me up some hills I used to have to walk up but now jog up.

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I just ordered this yesterday. I know I could’ve just used a chair or something but it’s at least got 3 different heights. Lol


For box jumps?


And single leg step ups, Bulgarian split squats, etc.


Must be all that crypto money… somebody’s ballin


Hah! Not so much.

How do you guys carry your stuff when exercising away from home? I tried a running fanny pack before and it just flopped around too much and bothered me. I’ve been using this chest rig and it works great for me. I throw my phone in there, a pocket knife, and a note pad and pen. On the back panel there’s a big mesh zipper pocket I could put more stuff in.


What are your other essential workout stuff? Mine: Bluetooth ear plugs, workout chalk, chalk bag, Mechanix gloves, running vest (for low light), and a chest mounted light w/3 light settings and a rear red light built in.

Optional: TRX, kettlebells, speedbag, heavybag, Inertia Wave, foam roller, and golf ball to roll my feet on.

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Gonna give these a try for my longer runs, Murph, and 1hr AMRAP pull-up workouts. Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

Was leaning towards Coke and Speed but heard they’re bad for you and that whole illegal thing kinda worries me as well.

I travel alot for work, I always have a selection of resistance bands.

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Have you tried TRX? Great workout and can be used in your room w/the door attachment.

1st workout with the Extreme Sports Beans and Clif Shot Energy Gel. Took the Extreme Sports Bean 30 mins b4 workout. Tasted ok, nothing special. Started to feel itchy and reminded me of taking normal pre-workout powder but not as intense.

Clif Shot Energy Gel was sweet and thick; a little less than the thickness of peanut butter. They recommend you take it with water but I didn’t. I took little amounts about the 2.5 mile mark, about the amount you put on your toothbrush until I finished at 5.01 miles and then a little bit when doing pushups.

Real test will be Murph and AMRAP 1hr pull-up workout.

It’s premature but I think I like the energy sports beans, energy gel, and Honey Stinger Waffles. I put some energy beans in my mouth and let them dissolve while running. They keep my mouth from drying out and also cuts down on me hacking up phlegm, while supposedly giving me small doses of calories. This also makes it a little easier to take in the energy gel.

Used the Honey Stinger Waffle for the 1st time during my modified Murph and it was delicious and helps keep my energy from dipping.

Today’s workout: 3.2 mile jog, modified Murph with no body armor (100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, and 300 air squats), and 50 leg lifts.

I need to get in better shape but I’m thinking of training up and doing a Tough Mudder in the next year or two. Looks like fun.


Honestly… you don’t need to train too hard for tough mudder. It’s a blast though. I’ve done a few. Short bursts of mild jogging between obstacles, and most the obstacles are challenges and fun. I’m always aiming for zero fails… so if you really want to conquer it… grip strength grip strength grip strength. Monkey bars and ropes are the only thing that will embarrass you. Watch some YouTube videos on the obstacles and get your reps in for grip strength. Also… choose before you go… either find an athlete to do it with and push each other, go it solo and test yourself for time, or do what most people do and take a small group and take your time and help each other. It’s a ton of fun.


Would it make a difference if you had exercise chalk in a double sealed ziplock bag for the Monkey bars and other obstacles requiring grip strength? Are there outdoor showers and changing areas for post-event cleanup?

I did a tribute workout for my father. It’s his 86th B-day but died of cancer almost 8 years ago. Fuck you cancer! So the theme of my workout was 86.

8.6 mile jog
86 pull-ups
86 air squats
86 push ups
86 leg-lifts
*I was planning on doing 86 sit-ups but I ran out of gas
*I completed the 8.6 mile jog in one shot but planned on splitting it into 2-3 jogs if needed.

Wake up weight: 179.5lbs and 175.2lbs post-workout
Sex: Yes, please.
Age: Fucking old. 1/2 a century.
Pronouns: Go fuck yourself with that bullshit!
Height: Hobbit short. 5’ 7” on a good day.

Pre-workout meal: 1/2 cup of Rolled Oats w/2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 tablespoon of grape homemade jelly, 64oz of water with liquid IV, 1cup of 8oz. hot water with 1 tablespoon of honey X 2, 1 pack of Sports Beans, and 1 Honey Stinger Waffle.
During workout: A couple of energy beans while running, 1/4 Honey Stinger Waffle, and 1 Clif Shot packet.