Beast (X-men) is stupid

Wolverine hairstyle beast is badass.

Cat face beast is lame as fuck!



The rugged “blue-collar” underdog thing is why I liked him.

But if you want to boost his powers it’s a good platform to build on though.
It’s only fair since other guys got big power boosts.

IMO the Sabertooth “rilvary” got a little ridiculous after a while.
Wolvie got to the point where he should have been able to run right through him.

The biggest problem with Wolverine and Marvel in general was inconsistent writers.
I swear some of them just hated Wolverine and wrote with that in mind.

The character himself is awesome though.

held on to all my old ones here they are I took a pic awhile ago when I was moving. they are all in plastic bins now also.

mcfarlane was my favorite after jim lee


How much is the Spider-Man platinum cover worth these day?!?!

Wasn’t it valued at $400 at one point?

idk thats a stack of them I think I have 11 or so of them some silver, gold, and another one also.

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Where did liefeld rank?!?!

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NVM. That’s not the platinum cover. It’s just the black cover.

The platinum cover was the normal cover but had the title letters and webbing done in shiny silver aka platinum.

checked my notes I have 20 of them in different covers I have the platnium and the gold also. they are double prebagged or whatever and have a ton of logos on the prebags so I dont have pics because you cant really see the cover.

Image Comics was pretty damn good for a while.

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The issue from where I see is that the X-Men setting is widely different from other classic superhero settings by establishing the commonality of mutants and how not all of their powers are special or even useful. Keep in mind I don’t care much for comics and largely just paid attention to the earl 90s cartoons.

What makes Beast special is his intellect, he just happens to also be a mutant and looks messed up which has caused him issues. The majority of mutants don’t have amazing abilities, and often their powers are counter productive to living. One can see that in the 90s cartoon where he spends most of his time back at their school managing things even more than Dr. X and everyone calls him Hank 99% of the time.

To assume all mutant are superheroes misses the point of the setting and the themes it tries to express.

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That is the point of the setting.

All superheroes are mutants, but not all mutants are superheroes.

Some “powers” just make people into useless looking freaks and nothing else, which is largely what could be said of Beast as its his intelligence that makes him stand out.

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Dr Doom sucked for a while - he was a 2nd rate iron man and a 2nd rate Reed Richards. Then somewhere along the line, he became the equivalent to the Sorcerer Supreme and got to OP status.

Contrary to what is the popular opinion is here, comics peaked from the very late 90’s to about 2007.

The X-Men are kind of weird to me. They’ve been trying to recapture that magic from those late 70’s comics since about 1985. Totally unsuccessfully. Yet you go back and read those classic stories. They weren’t that good.

Cyclops was always my favorite lol… Oh and Gambit

My Boy fucks up dumb Beast without breaking a sweat !



Well, to be fair, it’s like watching Royce’s matches in UFC today. Unimpressive as fuck now… but game changing back in the day. X-Men back then were like nothing else we were reading - but since then everyone has learned from that style of writing and improved on it by leaps and bounds, so the old stuff doesn’t hold up to today’s standards. But we might not have the great stuff we got in the 1990’s and 2000’s without it.


Great analogy.

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Plus we are all older now, LOL, we’re all smarter and more experienced and more demanding.

Must be a pain in the ass to write for us :rofl:

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I’ve read very very few comics past the early 90’s crash, but I remember everyone raving about how great they were around the time the first X-Men movie dropped up until a few years ago when they started going gay.