Beat an Omaha HL STT

Accidentally registered in an PL Omaha HL game instead of a Hold Em game. Beginners luck, I tried to go out 3 times in a row and became the chip leader. Then I just tried to use my lead to push people around when I figured I could at least take the low hand. Luckily the kind people at my table explained to me the basics of acquiring a low hand. Ended up busting everybody out in what must have been the luckiest run of cards I've had all year. Won 15 bucks. I rule.

HAH, congrats man. The one thing that gets me with Omaha HL SnGs is that when it gets down to heads up play it just takes forever, cause it seems like over and over again, one person gets the high and the other gets the low.

Congrats again

Thank you, thank you. It was totally one of those games where you could do no wrong, and everything came up Millhouse.

That's awesome and hilarious, congrats.