Beat Melvin @ 155, beat Anthony Johnson @170...

 has also beat Terry Etim(155)

Sam Stout(155).

I'm talking about Rich "No Love" Clementi.  Underrated fighter

Rich vs Anthony rumble(fast forward to 48 minute mark)

Show some love for no love!

rich is a solid person

TTT for No Love.

If Rich gets a solid win streak going, I wouldn't mind seeing him return to the ufc.

that fact that he isn't in the UFC makes a mockery of the sport. 

I wouldn't go as far as to say it makes a mockery of the sport...but Clementi is good enough to be in the top tier. No doubt about it!

Would be great to get him on the Louisiana card (UFN 25 I think), will have to keep asking uncle @danawhite I guess! Phone Post

I like rich, but losing to that one dude after being all cocky doesn't help his chances Phone Post

I really wish Rich would join a camp where he is a student and not the coach. Rich has made it as far as he has and he is self trained, he only has his students to push him. Put him with one of these big camps and he would be a top contender IMO Phone Post

 it wasn't the aoki loss,but the loss to mulhern and the 1 in Titan(don't remember name)

Always has an awesome fight though and really followed his run through the lw division until he lost the Maynard fight Phone Post

 I never realized he had so many fights!  The guy was OK and he beat all those guys probably at the high point of his career.  His record as of late has been extremely mediocre and his losses have been to essentially nobody's (no including Aoki).

He's 8-8 in his last 16 fights and hasn't put more than 2 wins back to back in that time (that's 3 years).  He's a fan favorite and puts on good fights, but he's not UFC caliber right now.

He's a great fighter who has been been inconsistent. One night he looks like a top 5-10 fighter and the next fight he might look horrible.
When he's at his best, he's a hell of a fight for anyone.

I feel like he is one of those guys who doesnt focus 100% on fighting.

Like he is probably focused on training others, running a gym, running a local promotion, etc etc etc...

 Horwich is similar....looks like God one fight and then like shite the next

If he can get another run going I'd love to see No Love back in a big show.

Loved the Guillard fight when he did the 'suck it' motion or whatever after, haha.


 Good insightful comments guys.

I agree with:

it seems as if he's not 100% focused for all his fights. He might really be better if he gets and sticks with a good training camp. ATT, AKA, Extremecouture, Duke Rufous, etc....

At his best, he's a handful for anyone.

He hasn't been consistant enough to get an invite back to the UFC.

He's good enough to get back in, just needs to focus and string together some wins.

I didn't used to like him cuz he sounded like he had 1 ball. After seeing him fight though, the way he fights, he brings it, and I'm a big fan

 TTT for No Love!

Rich has a lot on his plate.  He's good people and a consumate pro.  A fighter's fighter so to speak.