Beat the #1 Madden player

... Cenxtreme (on the PC). He's rated #2 but the #1 player just beats his little brother or friend all day in one of the back rooms to get his points, so he doesn't really count.

I haven't played much lately, like 2 games a week for the past month. Not as much time as I used to so I'm looking for quality these days, not quantity.

I had actually played this guy before. Last time he came from behind to beat me 29-26, scoring with like :18 left.

Anyway I was up 17-7 early in the game. Like a lot of players he got confused when he saw zone instead of man and threw a pick for a TD. Then he thought he could throw the deep ball to Moss against my zone, and he was lucky he didn't throw another pick. He put together a nice drive and scored right before the half to make it 17-14. He almost ran the 2nd half opening kickoff back (his return game was very very good) and then scored the first play on a bomb to Bennett. I had called 46 Bear Snake blitz and accidentely switched players right before the snap so my FS was way out of position. 21-17.

I had passed too much in the 1st half so I decided to pound it down on his monkey ass in the 3rd quarter. His defense consisted of a couple of 4-3 plays, sometimes bump'n'run (BNR), and quarters when he thought it was a pass. He played as a DT the whole game but would frequently drop him into coverage. I thought his defense was OK, smart scheme but I've played tougher. My drive stalled in the red zone though and I opted for the FG. My rationale was if he scored another TD I'd just go for the 2pt coversion.

He almost ran the next kickoff back again, I forget how he scored but it was quick. 28-20. I got the ball and drove it down to his redzone. 3rd and goal from the 2, I threw a flat pass to Garner, he got stuffed at the goalline. 4th and inches. Called goalline formation. The last time I did this, I motioned the upback out to flanker right and ran sweep to that side for the first down. Put him in motion again ... he shifted his line to the right ... and I ran off-tackle to the left. Touchdown! 2pt conversion I called 5 wides and was looking for the quick slant or to run Gannon in. The pass was knocked down. Ok, not bad, 26-28. Just need to stop him here. There was about 3:45 left.

Finally stuffed his kickoff return. He got a 1st down quick but opted not to kill clock. I will give him kudos for that. 1st down he tried to throw a quick look-in pass to his slot receiver. I had been running zone all day and he had had some success with this route. I was controlling the linebacker near the slot though and shitcanned him. 2nd and 10. He throws the bomb to Moss. I'm there with R Woodson, strafe to the spot ... jump ... should have picked it but dropped it. 3rd and 10.

I call Nickle Blitz Velcro 9 and go to the gap-8. If you hit BNR with that defense the defense all lines up on the line of scrimmage, but at the snap they drop into a Cover 4 defense with 5 guys in short zones, only rushing 2 guys of the original 8 on the line. In theory this is an almost impenetrable pass defense but if you run the corner off in his deep fourth, the flat zone guy doesn't drop back to cover the hole and there is room back there for a flag, deep out, or a back just converting his swing to a fade.

So I take control of Armstrong, the DE who is playing the flat on the wide side of the field and drop him back a little deeper ... watching my zone. Culpepper's all confused. Then he sees Burleson heading the hole and let's it loose ... I hit speed burst and swat it down with Armstrong! 4th and 10 and he punts.

There's a little over 2 mins left when I get the ball back. My plan is to kick a FG with :03 left. I'm 70% from 57 yards or shorter so I need to get to his 40 yard line. He stuffs me the first three downs though. 4th and 4. I am in Trips Bunch right and he is in quarters, controlling the nose tackle. I know he's going to drop the NT into a zone. I call toss right and cut it back up the gut for 5 yards. Still alive.

2 mins is an eternity in Madden. He was playing quarters but I was running Split backs HB dive, split backs off tackle, split backs counter. Out the 50 yard line he figured it out and started running goalline. For a field goal, my goal is to get to the 40 yard line where I'm about 70%. Anything past that is tough though. 3rd and 4 from the 35 and Garner catches a circle route for a first down. Two plays later and I call timeout with :03 left with the ball centered on the 22 yard line.

So I line up for my 39 yard FG, which I'm about 95% certain to make ... snap the ball ... meters runs ....... and the fucker lags it. Cheaters in Madden can cause lag by pulling out the internet cord or Alt-tabbing out of the game. Not a big deal to me anymore but it makes it impossible to make a FG. Actually I almost made it anyway but that was sheer luck. Final score: 26-28, Cenxtreme.

After the game he logged off immediately and I left him some messages offering to give him tips on how to play.

I don't have tips, what I do have is a comprehensive defensive strategy -- you need to be able to control all your defensive players. I play as a safety most of the game until he makes me play as someone else. I might write a strategy guide eventually if enough people are interested.

sea monkey..

What zone did you use that Moss wasn't able to beat deep?

I consider myself VERY good at defense (I give up 12 ppg in 170 games), but that's one facet I haven't been able to figure out.

- Lac

That's bullshit about him pulling the plug. I was playing a guy ranked 79 and he did the same thing when I was kicking a field goal that would have extended my lead to 17-13.

The fucker took over at my 40 and he was talking all kinds of shit (headset) as he drove to the 10 yard line with 1 second left.

So I returned the favor (I never do this, but this dickhead was asking for it). Missed try. "Venus Envy" wins by a single point....14-13.

It's not any specific zone play that stops the bomb. I just take control of my DB and jump for the ball at it's highest point, like they do in real life. If I let the AI control the DB, he just runs to the X and does a sort of "non-chalantly turn and catch the ball while I'm jogging" animation, and the receiver just jumps in front of them ball and grabs the ball. There are specific techniques that I've worked out, but they are hard to explain with just text and also I've found you need to improvise half of the time anyway, so there's no shortcut. You have to have good stick control with your DBs.

I haven't worked with controlling the DB's much. My strategy is usually to play a Cover 2 Man variation, which always has the streaks route covered with two defenders. Then (on passing downs), I have a "roamer" DL which sniffs out the middle or sideline routes that I guess he's running based on his formation.

i need work on my D

my playing calling is excellent, but my actual player control is awful, when i dive at someone he goes the totally wrong way and when i try for a pic it goes right over me. :/

u still cant beat me

"my playing calling is excellent, but my actual player control is awful, when i dive at someone he goes the totally wrong way and when i try for a pic it goes right over me. :/"

The mini-camps are good for this. "Chase and Tackle" taught me to take the right angles all the time and work your defense as a team: If you've got help on the inside, aim at his outside hip. If you've got help on the outside, aim at his inside hip. If you've got no help, aim at his balls. If he's got a blocker and you've got help inside, play contain and force him to the inside. If he's got a blocker and there's help outside, don't let him cut back. If he's got a blocker and you're all alone, you gotta get around that blocker somehow. All-Pro is good practice, All-Madden will MAKE you take the right angles or they will score every time.

"DB swat" on All-Madden is great practice too. If you can get there and have time, turn around and square up for the ball. Otherwise you have to stutter step and time your jump. If you don't have time to go for the pick you have to swat. Etc etc.

After a while you'll reach a point where the determining factor in these games whether you get a bronze or a gold is how many times Jamal Lewis shucks your perfect tackle or how many balls Madison drops for no reason. At that point you can play shutdown defense.

Arias, if we ever played you would have to buy a new TV after "USER PICK" and the image of Charles Woodson high-stepping into the endzone got burned onto your screen from appearing so much.