Beating Ali

Much has been made of Ali's skills, so let's turn
this around. If you were to train fighter to fight
a prime or near prime Ali, how would you go about

Nobody's perfect, what were his weaknesses? Your
fighter is a prototypical heavyweight. Big, strong,
good power and chin, but not real fast, nor does
he have exceptional footspeed. For the sake of
argument, put him in Sonny Liston's body, or suggest

Eddie Futch was the guy who did it so many times, so ask him. Ali had a below average uppercut, he had a tendency to under train, and he wasn't a exceptionally hard puncher, as long as you weren't following him around. So I think staying inside and working the body would be the way to go.

Alot of people think Norton beat Ali all three times. Alot more think Norton won 2 of 3, so you might as well use Norton as your example

"Hit him in the nuts EVERY time he grabs you behind the head in close- don't fight against it,just crack him in the seeds.If the ref warns you,tell him that you're aiming at his belly,but Ali keeps yanking you down."

That situation occurred between Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank in their second fight. Benn was throwing a bodyshot at the same time Eubank pulled Benn's head down, and it resulted in a low blow. Benn explained it to the ref, but the referee took a point away from Benn anyway.

low blows are the only foul consistently penalized in all of boxing.