Beautiful Faces

I'm having a competition at work to see who can find the 3 hottest faces of women. Can someone either ttt a thread that will handle this or can you all post pics of chicks with really hot faces.

some beautiful faces:

Adriana Lima
Alessandra Ambrosio
Melissa Theuriau
Catalina Otalvaro
prime Cindy Crawford and Monica Bellucci
sometimes Keira Knightley looks pretty great

look up Catrinel Menghia, the girl from the FIAT commercial
I don't think the OG likes her, but image search Angelina Jolie

i uploaded a few to an imgur album, i'll post 3 of my faves on here though

KJ! - Google is your fren.

Phone Post 3.0

GIS isn't my friend because those girls don't win competitions. they are hot, but not top 3 hot.

3rd Lion, Ill be using that first girl you posted. she is breathtakingly beautiful.

also, I have Rashida Jones. that means one more girl.

Help me OG, you're my only hope.

i misread it as beautiful feces

I like ur style 3rd lion! The first one is HAWT!! Phone Post

Rashida Jones really? Kinda hot sure, not really beautiful. Eye of the beholder i guess. Phone Post

That will end thread. Pick your top 3 from that alone. Epic site ( found it cos my fiancee is on there which doesnt hurt) Phone Post 3.0