Beaverton Kickboxing gyms?

I am moving back up to the area and want to start training again pretty quickly. The problem that I am faced with is the gym where I used to train has raised their prices for a x2/week class to $120!!!!!

I am looking to be in a couple of smokers later in the year and want to have at least one ammy boxing match but I'm having some trouble finding a new home to train in.

Any ideas??

Not in Beaverton but One-MMA (formally know as Team Quest Tualatin)

20110 SW 112th Ave.

Tualatin, OR 97062

(503) 783-1050

Ask for Coach Scott

Oh and its $99.00 unlimited

Listen, Rick.

You already hooked me up. I am going to the source academy as Derrick is my old instructor. I will need help getting a couple of ammy Kickboxing and Boxing matches later this year.

Coach Scott was our Judo instructor at OMA. Grizzled to the max for sure.