Bec Hyatt talks domestic violence. (sad)

Sounds bad.

I wonder if we'll ever hear his side. Phone Post 3.0

Such a shame that a dude who originally took Bec under his wing, helped train and inspire her and someone she fell deeply in love with turned out to be such a fucktard in the end.

Wish Bec and the little dudes all the best Phone Post

Damn Phone Post

This makes me want to hug and kiss my girlfriend like theres no tomorrow. Bec, your story has really touched me and if it get through to more guys like it has to me, I believe your story will serve a much bigger purpose and will lead to more guys being men and respecting good women. May God bless you more Rowdy Bec. Phone Post

Wow very strong of Bec. Good job getting out and building yourself back up. Your husband was a dick... You didn't deserve any of it.

Hope to see her in the UFC someday! Phone Post 3.0

My wife is also a victim of abuse in a previous relationship. This is something she confided in me only recently because she didn't want me to fly off the handle and do serious damage to that dude, because apparently we lived near him at the time.

It's strange but now that I know about it, certain personality quirks of hers make more sense, whereas before they just felt frustrating at times. Now that I have an understanding of the source, I am learning how to slowly work around them and how to make her feel warmth. It's a work in progress.

Bec, best of luck to you! And when you find a good man, be sure to let him know what's going with you. It will make things easier in the long run! Phone Post 3.0

Seriously fuck that guy for doing shit like that. Not only physically abusing her, but mentally as well.

Keep your head up Bec, the UG will always be here for you!

I remember one of the first threads she made, several of us were arguing over who we'd have to get past to make her our wife, haha. Phone Post 3.0

I thought she was strong, as a fighter. That strength is nothing in comparison to what she needed to tell this story. And likely to have lived it. Phone Post 3.0

Massive amounts of respect for Bec! Is that piece of shit ex of hers still an active fighter? If so I hope he gets fucking MELTED in his next fight. Phone Post 3.0

Her ex prolly shouldn't be allowed to own an Mma promotion. Phone Post

Jone2tone - I thought she was strong, as a fighter. That strength is nothing in comparison to what she needed to tell this story. And likely to have lived it. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post

Fuck that piece of shit.  Good for you Bec telling your story. 


Wow. Just Wow.

. Phone Post 3.0

Wow. I had no idea. Phone Post

brave move bec! big ups girl!

UGCTT_Pervert - 

Wow. Just Wow.

Yep. Wow.<br />
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It really highlights the major problem of domestic abuse that even fighters are susceptible to it. <img alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" src="/images/phone/apple.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" /></blockquote>


It's absolutely disgusting that any guy would do it, let alone a guy who trains to essentially hurt people with his bare hands. There's no excuse for any man to do it and even less for a fighter. 


It also shows how much of a pyschological element and toll this type of behavior takes. You can be the strongest woman, both physically and emotionally, and fall victim to this type of exploitative shit-scum behavior.

So brave of her to come out and talk about it...

Much respect Hyatt

Huge respect to Bec. You know she would probably have rathered not to tell that story, but it's in the best interest for other women going through the same thing to share stories like this. Good on her.

That's really sad. I hope she gets the help she deserves.

Women in abusive relationships (that stay) usually try to find out what they can do to stop the abuse or try to change their man or think their man will change. Instead women in abusive relationships should be asking them selves "what's wrong with me?" By that I mean they should be asking themselves "why am I staying in this relationship? There must be something wrong with me." The man will rarely change unless he seeks much needed help. In the mean time getting away from the man and moving on is always the best choice. It's harder than it sounds but its the only solution.

He was grooming her from the beginning. He waited until she fell in love, cared about him, spotted all of the vulnerable areas and then exposed them with physical/psychological abuse. Without therapy he will do the same to the next girl.

Of course she didn't deserve to be treated that way... No one does

extremely dosturbing this is posted here with rallying cries for retribution

Good for her. Does this Dan Hyatt fight anywhere we'd see him?