Becoming a mortgage broker. TME!

Thinking about doing it. Anyone have useful info on courses or how demanding basically anything Phone Post 3.0

You're late to the party. Keg is all dried up. Phone Post

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You're late to the party. Keg is all dried up. Phone Post

LOL indeed!

Are you even an LO? Im assuming your not since yiu came to the og for advice. In which case yiu are at the very least a few years away from becoming a "Broker" in my state anyways.

Fyi if yourserious

You can search "become a mortgage broker in your state" yiu should have all the regs at your fingertips

cali? nmls or wtfever issue it is now? if so you'd be better off getting your insurance license going to the website and doing the program so you can sign up people for obama care lol

Wow NM. you're all retarded. Asked for advice not a bunch of uneducated babble Phone Post 3.0

hmmmm aren't you bypassing a couple of steps in examinations, pre req licenses, and experience before moving on to broker.

What state are you in? The states laws greatly differ from others.

Here in Texas brokers that live in Dallas, Austin, and Houston get an average of 82k last I checked. Which is not bad considering the cost of living is real cheap.

The developments in these cities are ridiculous. New high rises with very expensive condos, upcoming neighborhoods, renovated neighborhoods, new districts (Austin has a huge East side redevelopment as well as down town real estate development).

For commercial real estate it's the same deal.

You have to be a licensed realtor first obviously and pass some prerequisites here in Texas, then take a test through the Texas real Estate commission (TREC ). I believe it's four specified courses and a minimum of 30 college credits towards the field.

It's actually a big market here. You obviously got to hustle, but if you're smart and are good at appraising (you should be a licensed appraiser too and broker) then you can make serious bank. The real estate market always changes, but making money is making money.... It's a win or lose game (but when you lose you're most likely still going to get more money than AlOT of jobs out there) Phone Post