Becoming a paralegal

Ive been considering it lately. My sister is a lawyer and she always says that if she could go back, she would be a paralegal. Her reasoning is this: 1)While they dont make as much as lawyers they do make decent coin(She knows some paralegals who make over 70K). 2) They dont end up owing over 100 thousand in student loans. 3)Plenty of paralegal jobs out there 4)They dont deal with as much stress.

Is she idealizing this job? Give me some con's please.

- dealing with douchebag lawyers
- job can get boring after awhile

- you get to go home at 5pm
- if you're good at the job, lawyers will do anything to keep you. It's really hard to find a good paralegal who knows his/her stuff.

I'm a paralegal and have never regretted doing it. I work in real estate now, and always have. Real Estate is a little more job specific than some other fields because I rarely have to research or draft anything. People ask me often why I never went to law school and I just never had the drive. Its great for some people, but I like playing the support role more and not living at the office.

I'm not so sure about the hours part. Many paralegals at my firm work
just as much, if not more than some attorneys.

I've worked with some excellent paralegals when I was doing civil work, some were harder workers than some of the lawyers I worked with.