Bed sheets

 What color of sheets is best for preventing cum and blood stains?

I figure this is the best place to ask. The bitch up at JC Penny acted all offended when I asked her.


So they're just whorey enough to take your bone but not whorey enough to hide the evidence? Weaksauce.

 Well, its more of just that I'm too lazy to clean up when I miss my shamwow. (Seriously, shamwows make the best cum rags)

When I bring bitches home I fuck them on my roommates bed and let him worry about it.

 That bedding set AJ posted would look great on Cardamone's wicker racecar bed.

LOL at Mep and AJ money shoting themselves. Seriously boys, thassa nassy.

 I bust on a shamwow, not myself.

Well, I usually wind up with a little on my hand.


 I didn't know that, but probably only because I don't have a cat.

 LOL at the turn this already awkward thread has taken...

Mep should get one of those butcher paper rollers like in the doctors office to use instead of sheets. Then you could roll a few fatties in your sheets and it would have multiple meanings. You could admit to goin hoggin and people would think you were just a crazy pothead.

 Haha Yeah, but then when I was jerking it it'd make that crinkly paper sound and everyone would know. Which doesn't really bother me except I'm pretty sure my roommate would try to watch.

And I've never tried to bone in a hammock, but I don't think it would be that hard if the hammock was hung right. I almost did, but the chick I was with got all scared for some reason and wouldn't let me.

I don't think it would be that hard if the hammock was hung right. <br type="_moz" />


 Haha I left myself wide open for that one!

(see what I did there?)