bedford SUPER annoying

 talks tough,has every physical advantage,BUT CAN'T FIGHT! geez guy even has a tramp stamp...

HEY!!! Don't talk shit about the sheriff!! Phone Post

other guy was more annoying than bedford

TheAssMurderer - other guy was more annoying than bedford

 yep. i figured that's how this would go...

Dude, you think that the skinny Christian is more annoying than that midget alvin and the chipmunks motherfucker? He is not awesome, he is a micro douche. Phone Post

superCalo - He fights to the best of his abilities, can't ask for more than that, I don't think hes gifted athletically, so just trains hard and works with what he has, nothing wrong with being confident, if he wants to succeed he has to be confident, otherwise why bother ?

 you talking about dodson..?

Super annoying? You are either trolling or super depressed or something.

Bedford carried himself very well this season of TUF. The only bad thing he called Dodsen was a snitch. So what he thought Dodsen didn't have the power to KO him? He trained with the guy everyday for 6 weeks, & he found out the hard way, but no shame at all in his performance. It was an awesome fight.

ps.Bedford reminds me of LiL Evil crossed with a gritty Jon Fitch!

fiercedragon -  talks tough , has every physical advantage, BUT CAN'T FIGHT!  geez guy even has a tramp stamp...
I shouldn't even bite the troll, but Dodson had every physical advantage.   Dodson is shorter, stockier, stronger, faster, more athletic, & maybe even better technique overall.  Just because Bedford has 30 fights and he's a veteran doesn't mean much but experience factor.  Dodson trains at Jackson's and has been for many years, he is as legit they come.  Most people forgot he was even on the Tapout show because it was so long ago.

Tapout knows how to find them diamonds at Jackson's!    Dodson, Damacio, & Cowboy were all on the Tapout show before ever fighting in the WEC or UFC.


I thought he fights well. Also those hammer fists by Dodson were horrific, I wouldn't feel right insulting him Phone Post

 like i said before, this thread went exactly as guys came in here quick to defend bedford. i only made this thread to prove a point...see: dodson SUPER annoying...

I'm glad you posted that,narlypersian. This thread was I'm response to the STUPID thread about dodson being annoying, as if that matters in mma. But instead of people talking all the positives of dodson's performance, as you pointed out and should post in the other thread, they went all high school girl and piled on the annoying statement. I remember when the UG was supposed to be held to a higher it's just a forum for crybabies, whiners, enablers, and dumbasses. Phone Post

And I never bashed fedor and you can't prove otherwise... Phone Post

You should be asking where whistleblower has gone...think he jumped off a cliff! Phone Post

lol @ micro douche

I thought he came across ok, minus saying he still thought he was a better fighter. Kind of an O'RLY moment.

William Colosimo - 
fiercedragon -  like i said before, this thread went exactly as guys came in here quick to defend bedford. i only made this thread to prove a point...see: dodson SUPER annoying...

lol at your "master plan"

more like you cry like a bitch- and then when no one agrees with you, you ramble on about how you proved some great point (other than you need time away from the internet)

another irrational Fedor stalker proves once again to be a mental midget and emotionally underdeveloped. shocker.

that's why the title of this thread looks exactly like the title of the thread i was making a parody of...and STFU...


William Colosimo - 
fiercedragon - You should be asking where whistleblower has gone...think he jumped off a cliff!

lol, I'll field this one before I take of:

you are stupid. here is why-

Fedor could lose the next 10 fights in a row. whistleblower would have no need to leave due to this, as he basically gives history lessons (meaning educates people on past events). Fedor could lose every fight from now on and that would not change what positive results he has accomplished in the past. Therefore, nothing in whistleblower's posts on said history would be changed.

so why does whistleblower not post much? maybe because he realizes (like many of us) that people such as yourselves are insecure anonymous bitter little kids who talk out of their ass, and it is not worth the effort to discuss things with you when you will twist facts merely to bash (once again, coming back full circle to the fact that youre a little girl)

There are about 8 or so of you that are obsessed with Fedor and will populate threads about him with constant stupidity. When someone like me calls you out on it by revealing your faggotry, the argument is "why do you resort to personal attacks and not discuss merits of the argument?" BUT when someone like whistleblower comes along and writes very long posts to do exactly what is wanted- to counter all your stupidity, or "arguments", then what I see posted is "oh whistleblower writes long winded novels"

lets be honest, the guy strikes fear in your heart because he takes the time to put everything out there in perspective, exposing your stupidity. without him, its easier for you to run in circles with the same nonsensical arguments. without him, its easier for you to convince yourself that you are not a failure for being some loser who anonymously goes on the internet and posts thousands of useless posts in an effort to validate your worthless existence. we understand your mom is a hooker and daddy beat you. get over it. be a more productive member of society.

different strokes for different folks. someone like whistleblower will read your drivel and take the effort to put real mma history out there, hoping you might actually learn something. in my case, I read your stupidity and tell you take the cock out of your mouth and stop crying

insecure? anonymous? LOL!!! their goes you arguement...i'm everywhere on this site w/pics @ all kinds of events: bellator,ufc,sf,xfo,king of the cage. i even posted a thread asking should i wear a douche dragon shirt and followed through on it. i've invited a ton of people from the UG to my work. i've never hidden behind a keyboard and never will...can you say the same? also, you've resorted to the same junior high name calling contest that whistleblower did...lame.


 i will root for the 5'3" man

ranier wolfcastle -  i will root for the 5'3" man