Beefcake's wife asks for your prayers

Brutus isn’t doing to good.

“blood pressure reading of 170/110 with shortness of breath and a headache”

could’ve guessed that just from looking at him

he’s really let himself go

He sure has.

Gofundme for high blood pressure?

He got fat?

his physique as “The Disciple” was insane. The dude has incredible genetics, he should have stayed in shape and stayed on TV as a manager/bodyguard type.

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I guess I never realized the extent of the damage to his face in the parasailing accident.

Over 100 feet of wire and 32 screws were required to construct a new face.[ citation needed ] Leslie lost his nasal cavity, jaw, and had no ability to breathe on his own.[ citation needed ] Leslie’s wrestling career was put on hold for almost two years.

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Yeah, tough bastard for sure. It’s amazing he survived let alone came back in better shape than ever (The Disciple). I’m thinking the best thing that ever happened to him was being hulk’s buddy.

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I dont know if genetics is the right word for it. Ge was apparently one of the very early adopters of hgh, ghb and other stuff for bodybuilding and getting yolked and healthy

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