Been constipated last couple weeks.

Not sure if it's just stress from the new job or if it's all the sawdust I've been ingesting binding up my stool.

You’re full of shit

U been sweating alot. I can drink water and still sweat toomuch does me same way.

First post, every time...

Metamucil is your friend. I used to have serious IBS. Would sometimes not shit for 3 days, then I’d have a massive uncontrollable blowout at random times in inconvenient situations. Started taking metamucil daily and my shitting schedule has become very consistent and have only been stuffed up once in the last two years. A cup of prune juice fixed that right up.

Now I shit every morning between 6:30 and 8:00, and sometimes round two between 11 and 1 but nothing uncontrollable and I do shit every single day.

Is it possible you have something lodged up your ass??

Just trying to rule out all possibilities.