Been donating our time/services to Children's ....

Heart Foundation. So I apologize for not putting up crazy videos and stories lately.

So my family and I which run a Videography business have just donated our time to a bunch of kids who have or will be going through heart transplants. We started with them because of iheartradio and were getting paid at the time, after completing our gig with iheartradio, my wife and I approached Kim who is the head of the Organization and after hearing the kids stories that put tears in my family's eye decided to be their lifelong videographers for the Organization and who is also part of the Children's heart center. We are also planning on making a documentary on the children of the CHF as well. We will be filming their camps and so forth, so we are very excited. I will plan to put up a video here in a few weeks so you guys can see some of the kids that have had transplants since they were babies and even one of them is now 20 years old, Incredible! Most of these kids are 5-12 years old and after hearing their stories.......gave me tears of happiness.

Will be shooting their camp in December as well...Can't wait. I am very excited.