Been Living In A Cave: Fill Me In

I guess I don't spend enough time on the UG becase I'm in the dark about a few things that happened this year.

1. There seems to be a lot of Tyson/Rickson K-1 talk. This thing isn't actually signed, is it? I can't imagine them being able to pay Tyson what he can make boxing.

2. All the Shannon Briggs MMA talk seems to have dissapeared. What happened there? Did he change his mind?

3. Royce/Riccio - I remember the epic thread after Royce's visit to the bar in France. Then a lot of trash-talking by Riccio. Anything happen since then?


That explains 1 & 3, but I'm not sure it explains #2. Shannon is still planning to fight MMA? Or was this never really a plan?

Great answers. Thanks!

Hey, who won that superfight between ken shamrock and that Royce guy? Have they done anything since?

Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a while.


LOL @ the lil' 200-poster calling me KKM. Nice try.

Luca Beston and Gary Hughes are Creepy friends...

Randy Coutore is the man