Been making a lot of cuban coffee lately (coladas)

This is the way to go.

I did a bit of research and asked around on a few trips to Miami. The neighborhood I lived in in NJ had some good cuban coffee as well but I just never inquired how to make it.

It is a great espresso.

I have been making coladas, which is a 4 oz version. The classic one that comes in a styrofoam cup with little cups for sharing.

I use Cafe Bustelo, just the pre-ground shit from the grocery store because that is what they use everywhere I have had a good cuban coffee.

I was using granulated sugar, but found out that the places with better coffee were using demerara sugar. It is less processed and brown in color. It creates a thicker texture to the coffee.

I brew the espresso in a bialatti moka stovetop pot.

Here is the key:

for four ounces (a colada), put four tablespoons of the sugar in a small measuring cup or whatever.

When the coffee first starts brewing put the first little bit over the sugar then put the pot back on the stove to finish brewing.

whip the espresso and sugar into a foam. this is called the “espumita”.

when the coffee is done brewing pour the sugar foam and espresso into a serving cup at once, then pour into smaller cups to share with friends, or just drink it.

There you have it.

How to make a traditional cuban colada.


Coffee Cafe GIF by Martha of Miami

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Tell me about these little coffee shots. Brown sugar in them?

Sugar in coffee?

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Thanks OP, gonna have to make this now.

Demerara sugar, it is an unrefined sugar thats brown in color but not brown sugar.

you take the first tablespoon or so of espresso and whip it into a foam with a spoon then slowly mix with the rest of the espresso, that gives it the traditional thicker texture.

I work with a Cuban gal, she made it for us. Delicious stuff!

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She makes fantastic Congrí with chorizo too.

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