Been playing NCAA 08 all weekend

I was able to get an early copy because the people at Blockbuster are supremely retarded and I have been playing the PANTS off this game on Xbox360

let me just say the demo of the game is NOTHING compared to the real thing.

The dynasty is so deep I could chip away at it for years... Honestly you could spend a week or so on your first recruiting sessions

The campus legend mode is so fun it brings a nerd like tear to my eyes.. I am Vanilla Face the starting qb at Arkansas and I think the most fun I have had with the campus legend mode so far was playing Alabama and having them just absolutely mouth fuck my defense the whole game and there was nothing I could do about it. I played qb like a pro and even after throwing 4 tds it still wasnt enough to stop the Tide.

The gameplay is all they promised and more... 60fps on the Xbox360 is smooth as silk

Pick this game up today people you will not be sad

Also if you hate seeing stupid shit like QB #3 on the players instead of names you can Auto generate names for the players and then go through and name the stars or ones you want or you can download rosters from sites like when they put them up

I can't wait for this game. I'm sending my wife out tonight to pick it up for me.

Shit. I knew this game was gonna be good and I'm dying to get it but I have a buddy at EA that gets me their games for $20 and now you're making me think that I shouldn't bother waiting and saving the money.

This game is worth the 60 bucks easily

dare I say.....

It is the best Football game I have ever played. Including ESPN 2k sports games... I never really liked those anyway but I am not so much of an EA fanboi that I am blind to gameplay

I couldn't wait for the rosters to arrive either... so I auto gen'd ... honestly I really dont keep up with college players until they go pro or get hyped the fuck up so I didnt care about it too much.

When the rosters arrive I will roll a new QB for Campus Legend :) and then send both the Arkansas QB and (Whichever other team lets me start early) QB to Madden and see who is picked higher and run with him in Superstar mode. EA has made the fucking WoW of football!!!

On a funny note in the game Darren McFadden (hb Ark) is named Herbert Evans

Bought it at lunch, only had a chance to check out dynasty recruiting but it looks sick. Can't wait to go home and play until I fall asleep.

Lymond if you have an Xchange kit for the xbox360 and a memory card you can get the rosters offline tonight or tomorrow

just an idea if you want to wait to start your dynasty for a couple of days

I've come to the conclusion that football games have become way too complex for me to enjoy them anymore. I wanted to start a franchise (dynasty) in NCAA 2008 and just start a season and I literally spend an hour and a half between the point I fired the game up and the point I actually played the first game.

Then once I played the game, I had to spend another 2 hours learning the menus and control scheme. It's just not fun for me anymore. I'm going back to playing ESPN NFL 2k5 on my Xbox. IMO, the last truly great football game ever made.

IMO, the last truly great football game ever made.

I hate when people say that... that game was such a piece of shit

What was so shitty about it leglockfan? The passing game was eons beyond what we see even in the latest version of Madden, the graphics were also better than any Madden game ever, the presentation absolutely kills anything EA can come up with, it had a fantastic franchise mode, and even team creation option.

What exactly was so shitty about it? Oh I see it wasn't shitty Madden and it didn't have the money play you're used to so you probably sucked at it. I get it.

the gameplay was horrid ... pretty much end of discussion right there. The gameplay in NCAA 08 blows that ancient pile of shit away.

I think I'll pick up NCAA 08 tomorrow.

And 2K5 was an amazing game. Greatest football game yet. Will one of the new one's steal the crown? We'll see.

I didn't think the gameplay was horrid. The only knock on the game was that the running game was a bit soft, but the excellent passing game more than made up for it (much better than any passing game we've seen in any Madden game ever).

What exactly do you base your statement that "the gameplay was horrid" on?

What exactly do you base your statement that "the gameplay was horrid" on?

the passing game was better than madden was at the time, not current gen and even with the intro of the passing cone madden was still better and more responsive in passing. the running game was bad mostly because you could take any back in the game and run him on draws for 6-7 yds a play easy. that was on the second to last difficulty too.

the presentation was great but presentation only goes so far, I play the game (sports) for the gameplay not for the extra unneeded bells and whistles

Every fan of 2k5 holds onto that shit like it is some last stronghold before Madden takes over the world. "Man remember when we had 2k5, yah it was great" ... come on that game is 3 years old, it's time to move on. Allpro2k8 is proof of that, I lost all respect for anything 2k would ever do again when they put OJ Simpson in a video game doing a throat slash celebration


Was playing my dynasty last night and the game went into a stupid fumble loop. My guys fumbled a kick off, recovered. Fumbled the first run from scrimmage, recovered. Fumbled a few plays later, recovered and finally fumbled again in the red zone which the computer recovered. At that point, I turned the game off. Hate that shit so much. I wasn't even juking, they fumbled on straight ahead runs.

leglockfan, I completely disagree with you. ESPN NFL 2k5 might be a 3 year old game, but it's still better than Madden 2007 that's for sure. The passing game is still better. Madden still doesn't allow you to lead a receiver properly, is still full of money and cheese plays (though they "say" that has been fixed in Madden 2008, that remains to be seen), the only superior gameplay aspect that Madden has over the three year old ESPN NFL 2k5 is the running game. But that's it.

"I play the game (sports) for the gameplay not for the extra unneeded bells and whistles"

I guess I'm different from you in that I play a game, any game, for the entire experience. The gameplay is the most important part, but not the only part, and I think the guys at EA completely missed that boat. I like the half-time replays, the commentary, the whole NFL experience. I need potatoes and gravy and salad with my steak, not just the steak no matter how good the steak is.

I still don't understand why EA bought out the ESPN license when they don't use it at all. And they've "tweaked" the gameplay so much that it's become a convoluted mess.

Luckily for me, and those that may feel the way I do, I played a bit of All-Pro football and it brought the fun back into football video games that has been so sorely missing since ESPN NFL 2k5.

I don't wanna sound like a jerk but you guys must not know how to run in 2K5. Its running game was far superior to Madden. And you can't play it like Madden or you will have no chance.

You can't mess with turbo until you bust past the line. You have to wait for the blocking to develop. Also the triangle or lower head button should be used a lot, not for just plowing over guys but to squirt through small holes in the line. Its almost like a sudden speed burst.

Best running game yet.

Oh, and I bought NCAA 08 today. Can't wait to play.

do any sites have official reviews of this game

"Also the triangle or lower head button should be used a lot, not for just plowing over guys but to squirt through small holes in the line. Its almost like a sudden speed burst."

yeah and that was the problem with it. You have a fast enough back, all you had to do was repeatedly press that button and you'd break huge runs each and every time.

I liked the ESPN 2k5 running game, but it was definately flawed.

So far I'm really enjoying NCAA 08.

Enough so that Madden is looking like a definate purchase.