Been Watching Puroresu and Indy's

I've been watching a shat load of NOAH and ROH as of late.(Courtesy of and

Me personally,I would like to know where the future of pro wrestling in general is headed to,and I'm tired of hearing my opinions on this subject.

That is why I would like to hear your thoughts on where does it all go from here,and not just American pro wrestling,but pro wrestling in a whole.
Even the individual companies.
What do you think is going to be the next big bang?
Will wrestling become widely popular again or will it just frizzle out?

I doubt it will ever "frizzle out", at least in the short (20-30 year) term. Why? Because people seem to love it too much. Will it ever be the days of Hulkamania and Austin 3:16 again? Depends. Really, that'll have to come from the WWE, and they have to find a guy that has the right "thing" to really get over with the fans, and catch the eye of the outside media. Currently, while there are some that may have the potential to do so, they don't have that, no matter how many articles on HGH Flex magazine does.

the future in american wrestling is bleak, and while i am sure it will stay around for quite some time, unless another big player comes on the market to challenge the wwe, it will be stale and repetitive

there are not enough other feds to have the kids coming up develop their skills on the mike and in the ring, so rookies look terrible when they get to the wwe.

basically...look for crappy wrestling and bad angles for at least the next 2-3 years



This business is cyclical, and I actually thinks its on the upswing again. I don't think it could ever fizzle out.

I also think the Indies are where its at. There are so many talented guys out there right now that are coming up with different moves and holds and aerial assaults and can still tell a story.

IMO the future of this business lies within groups like ROH and Zero-1. And I hope that within the next 5 years or so that we see some of these younger Independents get more mainstream exposure (tv deals etc.).

"IMO the future of this business lies within groups like ROH and Zero-1. And I hope that within the next 5 years or so that we see some of these younger Independents get more mainstream exposure (tv deals etc.)."

I have to agree completely.
Zero-one will be hitting American shores soon,like next month soon.
Like 02/06/2004 soon.

I would like to know how they are going to break out and make it big,like WCW big.
They ofcourse will need a buyer.
Like a Ted Turner(Turner get on it man)type of buyer.

If ROH or Zero-One were to get a cable deal though,what channels would have them?

Part of the deal that Vince made when he bought WCW was that TNT/TBS could not have another wrestling show without his approval.
Even if he aroved of something like this,I doubt that TNT/TBS would want another wrestling show,because AOL/Time Warner never looked at wrestling as a "business".(That doesn't make any since at all,but of course this would be a statement from AOL/Time Warner)

The only channel I could think of would be USA,maybe FX.

I think something could work on USA, the main thing any of these promotions need to get to that point is not just the talent...but a big bank roll.

I hope it happens

Do you know if Vince has some sort of deal on USA as he does with TNT/TBS?

If he does,that's gay.

I gotta garee with the generalm post on here. Right now the indys are on the come up,mainly for people who are sick of the WWE dramas and what not. Right now I'm invovled in one in Hawaii called H.C.W and so far we've gotten to work with the best of New Japan (Masahiro Chono, Yuji Nagata, Jushin Ligar, Tiger Mask 4) and also Kensuke Sasaki, in fact he's our current champion! He will be back in March and Nagata may be back soon too, as well as women from GAIA (Hokutou) and there's a possible link in the works with Zen Nihon (All Japan Pro Wrestling). I'll post more info about HCW if anyone ask. Here's a site for more info too.

Also as far as the big independents (WXW,TNA) they are getting a bigger fan base and by reginoal status may surpass WWE in terns of fan loyality. That being said, wrestling right now is becoming a repeat of the 70's and 80's with big territorial contracts and boundaries being set up. I think it's good for the fans, the only bad thing is the lack of TV expousure. You usually have to live in that area to see it on TV.

Hows Don Muraco doing these days Sumo? Steve Corino has already brought Z-1 over with his World-1.

Puroresu these days I hear is in bad shape with the Joshi promotions all lingering especially with the diaspora from All Japan Womens, and the lack of permanence in contracts (when Tenryu split from All-Japan in 1990 and formed SWS under UWF President Jin, the ideas of workers staying in a company as a life-long occupation began seeping away; when Misawa led his exodus from All-Japan, the idea of leaving the company where you were trained got alot of credence).

This is some cool stuff on here.

U.S.A. could use some more big time wrestling promotions,for the fact alone that there would be less deaths,more work,and some more education to the dumbing down of Hollywood wrestling.

There is a place for the WWE,but there also should be a place for more organizations to make it to the big time.


Don is doing great! I haven't seen him recently (more than a few weeks) because he's been busy with family and other jobs, but he's doing good. Still got the huge guns for arms and hasin't changed much in apperance. One thing some folks don;t know is that he's a hella intellegent guy.

As far as Joshi Pro goes, youv'e caught the correct in that they are on somewhat of a downswing. It's not a big ass Days of Our Lives joke like here in the US with everyone vying to get into playboy or sleep with Chris Jerico, but it's far from the days of All Japan Womens and GAIA at it's peak (when Hokutou was still in) More of those woimen will turn to K-1/MMA womens events and hopefully drum up mroe business.

And yes, Japanese wrestling contracts are getting looser and looser...when Kensuke Sasaki left New Japan for WLW to follw caused a big uproar (there's still bad blood between him and New Japan now,even though he was let into the IWGP tournament) but now with New Japan cutting heads left and right (Chono might get the axe due to injury) and Inoki Dojo possibily shutting down (which is a shame,they have some of the great talent anywherein the U.S) things aren't going to good. Hopefully this infusinon of MMA/Puroresu bouts will keep things up.

CrazyFool, I agree about there being a need for more promotions, and thing is there's a ton of them. There was a new one that came to Ahwaii a few motnhs ago that had a lot of Hawaiian legend wrestlers (Lopaka, Kaimana, Metal Maniac) and stars like Sabu, Perry Saturn, Jimmy Snuka (yep,still wrestling) and even Bret Hart made a special apperance. He lost a lot of weight after his stroke but still looks young.

Thing is,the expousre. Unless there's a big name involved not too many people turn out for indy shows, espically depending on the location.