Beer Hellboy = Hell Yeah

Rogue Ale to release a limited edition. Right Hand of Doom Red Ale. Phone Post 3.0

As a lover of red ales and Hellboy, I might have to score a bottle of this.

^ What he said. Phone Post 3.0

This is beyond awesome.

Mike Mignola is doing an event at a comic store in Portland on Saturday that I was planning on checking out. I'm assuming it's to promote this.

A crisp, clear Kroenen lager would be a great follow-up!

They need a Right Hand JO Power ipa Phone Post 3.0

Boo. I thought this came with a giant, red hand beer coozy. Phone Post 3.0

Just picked up two bottles right from Mike Mignola. Going to drink one tonight once it chills and save the other. Phone Post 3.0

In for my amateur review:

Extra hoppy for a red ale but just short of bitter. Hoppy taste drops off instantly to a really smooth aftertaste. Doesn't taste 'oaky' or 'earthy' or any other nonsense. Tastes like a red ale. A really fucking good one. Phone Post 3.0