Beer Nerd ruins BBQ

So my friend invited me to his "BRO"'s BBQ on Memorial Day. I get there and everything's cool and I heard someone say "all the beer you can drink in the fridge".

So I figure sweet, and go check out the sitch. Sure enough there is Art Carr in there so I called Dibs of course, cuz that's how all me and my surfer Brah's do it.

Later this host, actin all square grabs one of the beers I dibsed, and I'm like Brahhhh I dibsed that shit brah that's how we roll homie. He then brought up that me and me flower child lady didn't bring anything and made it super awkward for the whole gang of Brah's. The whole scene was lame after and he tried to make me feel little, so later I tongue tickled his wife's Art Carr with my old lady if you know what I mean Brah's.

Never going back there, apparently he doesn't understand bro code and rules of BBQ....dibsing etc etc. F'in Square Phone Post 3.0

WTF are you talking about Phone Post 3.0

Meh. 5/10. Nice try though. Phone Post 3.0

Pics of the tongue tickling? Phone Post 3.0

It was hard for me to come up with a good point of view on the spin because the guy I was portraying was such a douche IMO. I couldn't think of a great way to make the OP in the origin thread sound like a turd. Phone Post 3.0

Horrible spin. 2/10.

Racer X -

Horrible spin. 2/10.

Read above, wasn't feeling great creativity :( Phone Post 3.0

This is why I hate IPA's Phone Post 3.0

Title was too obvious. Phone Post 3.0

Not good Phone Post 3.0

John Travoltage - Stfu Phone Post 3.0
Original OP? Phone Post 3.0

......meh...... Phone Post 3.0

0/10 Phone Post 3.0

.3/10... The .3 is for effort I like spins Phone Post 3.0

2/10. Good angle but could have done so much more Phone Post 3.0

Always rub one out before posting a thread Phone Post 3.0

No, just No! Phone Post 3.0

0.0 Phone Post 3.0